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Samsung Galaxy Note Live Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Note has the biggest display present on a smartphone and you can enjoy a beautiful live wallpaper to the fullest. It’s 5.3-inch Super Amoled HD display is able to display really wonderful live wallpapers.

We tried a lot of live wallpapers and made a list of the best and most beautiful ones, in our opinion. Live wallpapers are something Android can really praise with, even though most of them use a lot of memory and CPU resources. Fortunately the Samsung Galaxy Note has a 1.4 Ghz dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM, so you can afford using a bit of resources for a better aspect of your homescreens. Also please note that the wallpapers we tested work very well on the device and we did not notice absolutely any lag by using them, so they shouldn’t do any harm.

All of the live wallpapers presented here are free, so you won’t have to pay anything for them, though some of them do have paid versions which offer more features and customization options.

1. Mystic Halo

This Mystic Halo live wallpaper is the best of them all in our opinion and looks absolutely wonderful. It has really crisp animations and give a special design to your Galaxy Note’s homescreen. You really have to give it a try.

Download Mystic Halo.

2. Microbes

This live wallpaper has been designed especially for 720p devices, so your Galaxy Note will fell really good with it. Download it now and give it a try to see what it can do !

Download Microbes.

3. Splatter

This is also one of the best live wallpapers available for Android and it looks really cool. Have your Galaxy Note homescreen full of color splashes made either by yourself or automatically. It also has a lot of customization options and it’s 100% free.

Download Splatter.

4. Pixel Rain

Just like its name suggests, it brings a rain of pixels on your homescreen and its very customizable too. You can choose your own colors and make it exactly as you want.

Download Pixel Rain.

5. Rays of light

Just take a look at the screenshot above to see how cool this wallpaper looks. We don’t have any words to describe it.

Download Rays of Light.

6. Flux

This is the¬†lightest¬†of them all and it’s simply wonderful.

Download Flux.

7. Solar Wind

The Solar Wind live wallpaper brings a sea of colors to your display and it has a lot of options. You can customize the style, particle number, size, speed, wind speed, emitter numbers, emitter speed and much more. Give it a try and I can guarantee you will love it.

Download Solar Wind.

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