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Samsung Galaxy Note T879 to reach T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Note has been released in September, 2011, though it’s not yet available on all carriers, unfortunately. T-Mobile still doesn’t have the Note in their offerings, but some rumors say they are getting it pretty soon. It seems like it will come in Navy Blue and it will be codenamed SGH-T879.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note will probably come with NFS and a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. At least the wait will be worth it for those who want a phablet, because it’s processor is better than the Galaxy Note present in the other carriers’ offer.

But isn’t it too late, considering rumors already told about a Galaxy Note 2 due to be released in October, this year ? And its specs are very impressive too, if it turns out to be real. It’s sad to see that some carriers really wait half an year before adding a new smartphone in their offer, especially considering that it’s a very popular one, with over 7 million sales world-wide.

And one more questions is when is the Galaxy Note going to reach T-Mobile’s stores. We know it’s been approved by the FCC, though it may still take a few weeks before starting shipping. I really wish T-Mobile good luck with it, considering the new HTC One X, Galaxy S3, and the rumored Galaxy Note 2, HTC Note and all the other phablets which are due to be released.


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