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Samsung Galaxy Q With Full HD Flexible Display To Be Announced At MWC 2013

It seems that even though Samsung Galaxy S4 release date was not set or MWC 2013, there will be another Samsung terminal that will attract the public’s attention.

I am talking about Samsung Galaxy Q, a dual-display smartphone, which was previously teased by the South Korea-based phone maker. The guys at MobileGeeks have information that the model is real, and that Samsung will announce it at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.

The idea behind the Samsung Galaxy Q concept is that the two displays can be “united” in a single 1,080p screen. It’s true there were other companies that failed with their attempts to make successful dual-screen terminals, and the best examples are Kyocer, with Echo smartphone, while Sony’s Tablet P is not as popular as the Japanese company hoped.

The first rumors about Samsung Galaxy Q surfaced in October 2012, and the creators of the popular Galaxy S line-up have confirmed that the product will be announced early 2013.

It seems that Samsung Galaxy Q will use the FPD Display OLED technology presented by the Asia company a couple of years ago. You can see a video footage of the Flexible OLED display Samsung demoed in 2008.

In the meantime Samsung has improved the flexible OLED display technology and the company exposed the YOUM concepts at the big tech fairs of the last years. A Samsung Youm prototype was displayed at this year’s CES edition, and even launched a funny commercial.

Rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy Q will have two 5.3-inch displays which can be folded outwards to form a single display, in a similar way you’ve seen in the commercial above.

There are no details about the hardware platform that will underpin the Samsung Galaxy Q, but since we are dealing with a full HD display, we might be talking about company’s proprietary Exynos 4 Quad or Exynos 5 Dual chipsets.

Would you buy a Samsung terminal with a full HD flexible display?