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Samsung Galaxy S i9000/9000B gets a CM9 Nightly Build

Among the old timer Android devices out there, a special place is taken by the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and its i9000B sibling. Truth be told, the only difference between these two models is that the B one can handle the US and Brazilian 3G frequencies. Along the HTC Desire, the Samsung Galaxy S was the handset that brought the market in the Ghz race, and it was considered by a lot of people out there as one of the best Android devices of all time. It is also responsible for starting the steep climb Samsung has made to reach the first spot in the Android world, at least as far as the number of shipped devices in concerned.

In its long life span, the Galaxy S has seen a couple of Android updates, including the Froyo and Gingerbread ones, but it has never gone so far as to taste the official Ice Cream Sandwich one. When Samsung announced that it doesn’t intend to upgrade its last generation flagship device to Android 4.0 ICS, users turned to the custom ROM side of the Android world. Here they were promised the much awaited update, but it only now that the Galaxy S has received a Cyanogen Mod 9 nightly build.

This means that the folks from the Cyanogen Mod team are all set up to begin testing and stabilizing the Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS custom ROM for the Galaxy S. While the older, Gingerbread based version of Cyanogen, the CM7 has gone through quite a lot of changes and had originally been designed for the Galaxy S, the newer version had to wait for a couple of breakthroughs in order to be deemed a worthy successor.

But during the time span from the CM7 to the CM9, Samsung didn’t sit idle either. It managed to finally release the fables Value Pack update for the ageing flagship, but truth be told I can still see many Galaxy S users going for the full version of Android 4.0 ICS instead of the supercharges Gingerbread found in the update.

Before you rush in and root your device be sure to check if you have the international or the Brazilian version of the Galaxy S, as so far only these two have received the CM9 treatment. The US models of the Galaxy S should not be very far behind, so keep a close watch for a dedicated CM9 build.

Click on this Cyanogen Mod link to download the CM9 nightly build.

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