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Samsung Galaxy S III gets 9 Million Pre Orders

That’s right folks, Samsung has managed to capitalize on the success of its former flagship, the Galaxy S II, even from the first few weeks after announcing its successor. It seems like the Samsung Galaxy S III made it to the top spot in Android user’s hearts after the months of eager anticipation that led to its London unveiling event. If we are to believe a newspaper in South Korea, the Galaxy S III is off to quite a surprisingly good start even before it is officially available.

The newspaper Korea Economic Daily has just reported that the number of pre-orders for the next Galaxy sequel, the Galaxy S III has reached the mind boggling number of 9 million units, from over 100 carriers located around the world. As it happens, this number has not been given out randomly, but has in fact come from a trusted internal source from Samsung, which apparently did not want its name being disclosed. As there is no way to verify this info, you should take it with a pinch of salt at least until Samsung officially launches the device. If the number is indeed this great we wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung schedule a press release to boast about it.

Other sources also state that Samsung has been hard at work trying to manufacture this many devices in such a short amount of time. The only way they could cope with such a high demand would be to push their factories to their maximum capacity, which given the amount of time from the official announcement, should be about 5 million units per month. That is of course the number only for the Galaxy S III, and doesn’t include any of the other devices Samsung is currently manufacturing, like le’s say the Galaxy Nexus.

The most disturbing fact is that the Galaxy S III made it to such record numbers in a very short amount of time, before it was actually available on any market. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S II managed 20 million units in approximately 9 months after its release, with the number being a bit too big since this was the actual number of shipped units, not bought units. As the 9 million mark for the Galaxy S III is made up of actual pre ordered units, it will be interesting to see how well the current flagship stands in comparison with the latter one after 9 months.

Recent reports have also placed Samsung on top of the mobile phone chain, after it managed to overtake Nokia and become the largest cell phone manufacturer in the world in the last month. We do have a feeling that this gap between Samsung and its competition will widen even further after the release of the Galaxy S III, and this could only translate into massive profits on behalf of the already gigantic Korean manufacturer.

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