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Samsung Galaxy S III may come with Wireless Chagring Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S III launch might come with a big surprise, though this is just a rumor, the Galaxy S III could come equipped with wireless charging technology (according to the Korean site DDaily). Now you’re maybe thinking that this has already been done (Nokia’s NFC), but Samsung comes to increase the distance between devices to almost 2 meters, whereas Nokia’s variant, the two should have been in very close contact. Everything has a beginning and 2 meters is a very good start as you don’t need more at the moment for indoor charging (except for those living in a mansion).

You would think that this charging technology has only bright sides, but that might not be the case as we could find ourselves with a bunch of disadvantages: first of all the price could skyrocket because of the complex technology of the upcoming Galaxy S III device, it won’t be as thin as its predecessors, charging time could increase, the device could be subject to overheating and the list doesn’t stop there.

If the Samsung Galaxy S III breaks the ice with a working wireless charging technology at that kind of distance, we could see a new type of connectivity between people, that being “power connectivity” because I can dream can’t I? It would be nice to wirelessly charge your phone from your laptop’s battery or from one of your friend’s phone. That being left aside, just for safety’s sake, they should include a wired charger just in case the wireless technology isn’t as durable as they thought.

For now, all we have or should have is patience until the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S III and hope that this rumor is true or not.