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Samsung Galaxy S III Rooted Before Launch

In the past there have been numerous cases of Android device being rooted before their actual launch, but this latest achievement will make the news lines because it features the most hotly anticipated Android smartphone of recent times: the Samsung Galaxy S III. We are still ten days away from shelve availability of the Galaxy S III, but it seems more likely that they device will only be available for those who pre ordered it or for those who are actually lucky enough to grab one from a local shop.

Thanks to one of the biggest names in the Android developer community: chainfire; the Samsung Galaxy S III has been rooted remotely. The esteemed developer has also noted that the root has been made on the pre release software of the Galaxy S III, which might turn out to be a good or a bad thing. We do not know if Samsung will alter their firmware or if they will ship the S III with the same pre release software that was rooted, but odds are that the Korean giant will favor the latter.

The strange thing is that the developer is actually giving credit to Samsung for the fast availability of this root. Apparently, Samsung is using the standard boot.img format for the kernel, instead of the proprietary zImage one used in numerous other Galaxy devices. This simple fact has led to a simpler way of rooting the Galaxy S III, which apparently the developer says can be compared to a piece of cake. If nothing changes with the final software, we can safely conclude that Samsung has gone for a more developer friendly approach in terms of rooting and unlocking, much like the one HTC has taken. The only difference is that Samsung is only going on the new path with the Galaxy S III while HTC has already made things easier for developers on a wide variety of its smartphones.

With this in mind we will give you the quote of what chainfire said at the end of his post that contains the rooted kernel:

“Now, everybody say thanks to Samsung! I don’t always agree with them, but so far they have been the first and IMHO still are the only high-end Android OEM who aren’t complete douchebags in the unlock department!”

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