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Samsung Galaxy S Value Pack Has Been Released in Korea

I think that all the Galaxy S owners out there remember the day when Samsung announced that their former flagship, the Galaxy S will not be blessed with an ICS update. After numerous rumors and a couple of failed attempts at upgrading the old times to ICS Samsung decided it cannot be done and simply stated that it will release a Value Pack update for the device instead. Unfortunately, apart from mentioning that this pack will include some of the features found in Android 4.0 ICS, Samsung decided to keep quiet about the release date and the full list of features. This has now changed as the Korean manufacturer has finally released the much awaited Value Pack, even though it seems that it might abandon it before it was ready.

In a turn of events, the Value Pack update has finally been released, at least in Korea and it remains to be seen when the rest of the world will get it. We are quite excited about this update as it comes after a half finalized firmware leaked quite some ago. The features it brings may not make the Android 2.3 Gingerbread running device a top dog again but they certainly help the former flagship maintain its high class status.

I bet you are all asking what the features are, so here is a short list with the most major changes. Probably the most important feature is the face to unlock, which will allows a user to unlock their device without even touching it. Another important feature is the ability to create folders in the launcher and yet another one is the nice upgrade to the camera that allows it to shoot photos while recording videos. For now these are all the features we can tell you about, but the update contains at least a couple more.

The only question that now remains is whether the update will be made available in other areas or if it was just a good attempt to encourage the Korean buyers to keep their devices. If we are to talk on the past experiences we have with Samsung, the update will be rolling out shortly in the rest of the world, but in any case I am sure that the developer community will do wonders with it.

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