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CyanogenMod 11 M12 Snapshot Android 4.4.4 ROM Update for Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 Available for Download

CyanogenMod team is currently working on releasing a final build of CM 11 before their start working on the newest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. Until then we can still test the M12 Snapshot build that’s based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, as it is now rolling out for the Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 I9100G, Galaxy S3 LTE, Galaxy S4 LTE and Galaxy Note 3 LTE models.

It seems like CyanogenMod doesn’t want to give up on the original Samsung Galaxy S device, and now they’ve released a brand new M-Snapshot build for its users to test. The M12 build of CM 11 is a pretty stable release, and you should install it instead of the Nightly builds. If you use the Galaxy S as a secondary device, then the CM 11 M12 release should probably be your default operating system as it is stable and it runs smoother than many custom ROMs.

Besides the Galaxy S and Galaxy S I9000B, we have tons of other Galaxy models getting the new CM 11 M12 Snapshot builds like the Galaxy S I9100G with TI-OMAP chipset, for the LTE versions of Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 US and Note 3, as well as for the Samsung Epic 4G, Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G, and the Captivate model. More Samsung devices should get the new CM 11 M12 build before the end of this month, so you should keep an eye on CyanogenMod’s Download page in order to learn first when such builds are made available for download.

In order to install such files on your device you should use a custom Recovery such as CWM or TWRP. Download the ROM zip file, and the Gapps zip, move both files to your device’s internal storage and then flash them using the custom Recovery image. Note that in order to correctly install the CM 11 M12 builds, then you should make sure to apply a ‘factory reset’ first. More info on  how to install such custom ROMs can be found in our Update section, find your device, use the CyanogenMod download link and follow the instructions listed in our tutorials in order to complete installation.

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  • Don

    Don’t know where you got the information, but it appears that CM has skipped for now M12 for S3. Actually it has been the days that it has not provided even the Nightlies. It it’s weird as the blog has not been updated leaving us, S3 users, very disappointed. One thing CM lacks is the ability to provide it’s users with quick info of what is going on.

    • Anonymous

      You might not be aware, but they merged pretty much all of the S3 devices into a single branch, which would be d2lte. If you use a version from that branch on their website, you should have all the newest updates. Im currently on a S3 running M12

      • toomanyrappers

        Actually, the d2 kernel was split into d2 and d2lte.

      • Don

        1) I think that merging has to do with Qualcomm processor S3. S3 i9300 International has Exynos processor. 2) This merge is very improtant and Ciwrl would have not forgotten to mentioned it in his blog. It has been his practice to mentioned such branching and splitting groups in the past. 3) if that was the case, shouldn’t the servers push notifications to our devices telling us that we have a new update? To this moment I do not see an update (apart from the following!) 4) If that was the case, why today’s Nightlies rolled as i9300 and not only d2lte?

      • Yanis

        You’re Running M12 on a S3 i9300 ?

  • Will Pittí

    sorry for my english
    I think Don refers to the international edition of Galaxy S3, the i9300.
    All other phones are updated and upgraded to the other editions of S3 (4G edition, US edition, etc.)

  • Floyd Kornelius

    New update for galaxy note 3 sucks …battery color change from green to white which makes it harder to c …The multi window option was good until the new update which prevents u from adjust how big u want the window to b…..it slowed down a few of my games …n i know I will find other issues with it as I go tru my phone ..now watching a video is point less if u use the multi window option…The gallery is asking me to sign.. .how about putting options where u can lock what ever app u want to on ur phone without having to download a app for that .

  • Diego Geraldo

    When I go to connect Google account give me a message saying, couldn’t connect to a secure server. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me? I’m on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with cyanogenmod 11 m11.

  • Palani

    will it work on note 3 neo SM-N750..?

  • Arash

    I’ve just installed Its latest snapshot build (M12) Its amazing , much better than stock firmware .

  • Ajay rajbhar

    Samsung galaxy note 3 neo ko dalo…..