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Samsung Galaxy S2 Live Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 is the most popular Android smart phone and it features a Super Amoled Plus 4.3-inch display, which is just great for live wallpapers. As you may know, most live wallpapers drain battery and use a lot of resources, but we found some that do not require very much resources and are very well optimized.

We tried a lot of live wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and only chose the best ones for you. These are some of the best live wallpapers available for the Galaxy S2 and work just great on the smart phone. They also come with a lot of features and can be customized very well.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 sports a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor, 1GB of RAM and a powerful GPU so it’s able to display high quality live wallpapers without a hustle.


Splatter turns your Galaxy S2 display into a screen full of paint splatters. It can remind you of the paint ball games, as it looks mostly the same, though the colors are better in the live wallpaper.

You can splat colors either manually or let it do it automatically. If you choose to do it manually, your colors will get full of splatter whenever  you touch it.

Download Splatter here.

Pixel Rain

Take a look at the above screenshot and you will see how awesome can this live wallpaper look. And it’s customizable too.

It will rain pixels on your smart phone and you can choose your favorite colors, random colors, gradients or just a single color.

Download Pixel Rain here.

Crazy colors

As its name suggests, it will bring some crazy colors on your Galaxy S2 display. This live wallpaper looks very good and it has a lot of customization options.

Download Crazy Colors here.


This wallpaper is very lightweight, with only 90kb, though it looks awesome. Take a look at the screenshot and you will see what we are talking about.

Download Flux here.


This wallpaper has been designed by the GO Dev Team, who are recognized for the great apps they make. If you don’t know already, they are some of the best Android developers and create awesome things. This wallpaper is no exception and you have to give it a try.

Download Euphoria here.

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