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Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE Jelly Bean Update Released By Rogers

Canadian carrier Rogers promised their customers last month that they would roll out a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, update which was supposed to come with Android Jelly Bean. After the carrier delayed the rollout a couple of times, it seems that they kept their worr.

Actually, there have been reports saying that the firmware update has already started to reach its destinations, to the Galaxy S2 LTE owners. The carrier did not make any comment of made an official statement on its website, but some of the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE users claim that the upgrade is already available and can be downloaded and installed using Samsung Kies. We don’t know for sure if the Android Jelly Bean update will be available via OTA, too.

However, you should not get overly excited as this release won’t boost you Galaxy S2 LTE to the latest version of Jelly Bean. After you install the update, your device will run Android 4.1.2, which is not so bad considering that the current Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S3, comes with the same version of the operating system.

If you have a contract with Rogers, make sure you go and update your handset, because even if isn’t the latest software, Jelly Bean is still better than the old Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Brando

    I updated my phone this morning OTA… So I can confirm that the updates are OTA as well.

  • DMoney

    Was prompted to update OTA as well this morning. Successfully updated and thus far is much better than ICS. Let’s hope it stays this way! 😀

  • Alex

    I updated mine about 10 minutes ago, it’s pretty sweet!

  • Peter

    just updated 30mins ago. Problem with the calculator. Says “app isn’t installed”

  • JB

    i received mine this morning, ota, updated no problem.. hate how they changed swype to samsungs “continuous texting”, but was able to download the swype apk from their website.

  • Stephen

    Updated my s2 lte this morning. No problem with firmware update, however, now kies cannot connect with my phone. any suggestions?

    • gs 2

      Had a similar problem, use the troubleshoot guide of kies which just reinstalls your drivers or do it manually

      • Stephen

        First thing I tried. System still will not connect.

  • timo musgrove

    no the social hub and im app are gone. but at least i have a widget for music

  • MichealJB

    Anyone having a problem with it getting 4G or LTE service. When I had ICS I had both services but now I am lucky to get atleast 3G

    • Got the upgrade this morning and have since not gotten more than 3G either. In fact I can’t access the internet at all now. Not sure if that’s normal either??

    • Mike D

      yup, having the same problem !

  • Sean Hutchings

    Im haveing the problem of connecting on my lte network.. 3g and 4g are the best i get.. any suggestions?

    • Michealjb

      Same here Sean… haven’t got a clue what to do!!!

      • DREW

        I am getting LTE, but I did a full wipe and used ODIN.

  • MJN

    i also received mine this morning, ota, updated no problem

  • Doq

    I’m not getting LTE service at all. Samsung and Rogers told me it was my phone’s problem. Thanks for the posts….now I know I’m not alone.

    • DREW

      Go to XDA Developers Forum and type in i727 into the device select and select the first link saying Return to stock and follow directions exactly to get the 4.1.2 image and start from scratch. Be careful as if you don’t follow directions, your phone may BRICK!

  • Kim

    loads of glitches in the new jelly bean, i cannot switch the home screen modes anymore because when i was about to modify my different pages i by accident dropped the calendar on a different desk where there already was an icon and now the touchwiz crashes everytime i am on the home screen. repeatedly. and I can´t do anything about it since the touchwiz craches as soon as i switch modes..

  • Simen

    Updated yesterday on my s2, this morning I woke up and grabbed my phone to look at the news.. Half my screen is black and the rest is blurry, I cant see nothing. I did nothing to prevent this thing, I don’t know how it happened over the night. I tried to turn on and off. Since half of my screen is black, I cannot find the reset function. Is there any solutions that I can do, besides getting help at the phone store? And please tell me if more have the same problom as me with the new update

    • Simen

      It’s an GT-I9100 btw!

  • mkyakomo king

    I did not update yet,should i do it? I dont want the same problem

  • Tim

    I updated mine last night and I am only getting H or 3g 🙁

  • dilly

    Mutimedia report when delivered on but when my friends are getting my pictures no report coming through?

  • paul

    just updated my Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. MY Allshare App is Gone.. Also Does anyone know if Smart Stay,Svoice,Scloud or anything else is Included For The Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R.

  • Mike D

    updated a couple days ago, now want to downgrade back to ICS, any suggestions ?

    I heard ODIN has the potential to brick your phone if not used properly 🙁

  • Sean Hutchings

    Has anyone found a solution to the LTE problem, without a full wipe of your device?

  • David

    How do I update. Ik its stupid but im still with gingerbread because i have no idea how to update

    • DoggieDog

      you need to download Samsung Kies, plug in your phone via the usb cable and you will see the options on Kies to upgrade.

  • ericthered20

    There is a typo on the last “word” word in the first paragraph… Just saying lol