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Samsung Galaxy S3 is a disappointment

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been finally released and does come with impressive specs, but it’s still a disappointment and I believe everybody was expecting more from the number one smartphone maker in the world. The Galaxy S2 and S have been two of the best sellers on the smartphone market and Galaxy S3 is expected to be the next one.

While the device sports the most powerful hardware around, at least for the European version, there are some downsides about it, especially it’s design. I was very impatient to see the official release and now I’m not so sure I would like to use this device on a day by day basis. It’s indeed lightning fast, comes with really new and innovative features and it seems like Samsung did it again. They really inspired from Apple and built their own version of Siri, which is really good actually.

The Galaxy S3 features a Super AMOLED HD display, but everyone was expecting a Super AMOLED Plus actually, which is slightly better, but this is not such a big downside.

The black version has always been very popular on most smartphones and the blue looks really weird, in my opinion and I’m not alone. The blue version seems to be built of a not-so-stylish material, though the white version looks very good, at least for someone who likes it white.

Considering how popular the Galaxy S2 have been, in comparison to the Galaxy Nexus, I don’t understand why Samsung decided to inspire from the latter. If you take a look at both smartphone side by side you will notice a lot of similarities. Not that the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t look good, but people preferred the S2 and Samsung should have thought more about this.

Android recommended to use the 3 standard soft keys for Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones and most of them come with them, though Samsung preferred not to. Samsung could have either make the device smaller or the display bigger if they chose the soft keys instead of the physical ones.

The device looks quite bulky and it seems like Samsung is going for bigger and bigger devices and displays. This might not be a real downside for some, while many say they won’t go for a device bigger than the Galaxy S2. Some even didn’t get the S2 because it’s size.

Though the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, it looks almost like the Gingerbread “thanks” to its TouchWiz UI. Ice Cream Sandwich looks just great and I’m not saying it can’t be improved, but it’s not the case for TouchWiz. Unlike Samsung, HTC actually got it right with the HTC Sense 4.0 which looks and works just great.

Some were expecting the Galaxy S3 to be a smaller improvement to the Galaxy S2, though I believe they got it wrong and Samsung made a good choice in this direction. I am pretty confident Samsung wouldn’t have been able to achieve what Apple did with the iPhone 4S. Though it’s not the smartphone others were expecting. A better, new design was expected and actually needed for Samsung’s flagship.

At the moment, the only direct competitor for Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is the HTC One X, though many others are due coming from Apple, Motorola and less known brands for premium devices, like Huawei.


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  • NameHermit

    I agree with the sentiment Alex has expressed, though I would have enjoyed a bit more in-depth review. Yes, Samsung really stumbled here. There are MANY things which could have been done, both with looks and substance, to improve this phone (especially at the price point it will be selling for). They could have offered it in a half dozen different colors. The body could have been new or different material–for example what about carbon fiber or brushed aluminum, etc. And to be honest, the phone looks neither expensive nor innovative. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment admiringly on my Galaxy Note. This SIII wouldn’t cause even a turn of the head by anyone. As far as the specs go, the music system could have been made the state of the art. The camera could have been improved beyond what everyone else is offering. Base unit could have been 32GB rather than 16; why be so cheap Samsung? People are anxious to have reasons to shell out US$600-700 for an amazing phone/handheld device but Samsung failed to deliver anything. Period. A loser: for dorks only.