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Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 2GB of RAM in Canada, release date set for June 20th

You’ve probably heard already that Samsung is going to release the Japanese version of the Galaxy S3 with 2GB of RAM and it seems like they are going to release it in Canada with the same specs. The Exynos 4 quad-core processor doesn’t support 4G LTE networks, so Samsung has to use a dual-core Snapdragon S4 instead of the quad in countries where there is LTE available.

While the Galaxy S3 comes in countries without 4G LTE with a quad-core processor and only 1GB of RAM, we are now certain that Japan and Canada will get 2GB of RAM instead. Unfortunately for the US customers, they will most probably get a dual-core processor and only 1GB of RAM.

Until now it’s not 100% sure if the US version will come with 1GB or 2GB of RAM, though rumors say it will only sport 1GB.

While Android doesn’t require very much CPU resources and many say that putting a quad-core processor in a smartphone is useless and users cannot notice the difference between it and a dual-core one. Though RAM is what makes Android devices run slower, so a dual-core Galaxy S3 with 2GB of RAM will probably be able to handle multitasking better, especially considering that the Snapdragon S4 sometimes even manages to surpass the Exynos 4 CPU in benchmarks.

Once we find out more information about the US version, we will let you know. Until then we can only hope it will ship with 2GB of RAM too.

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