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Samsung Galaxy S3 Cyber Monday Deals: Free with Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T Two-Year Agreement

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Cyber Monday Deals are now live on Amazon’s website and we are glad to announce you that Samsung’s 2012 flagship is available for just a penny once you agree to sign-up for a two-year plan with either Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T.

Even though it was launched more than a year and a half ago, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a powerful handset, therefore you shouldn’t miss the chance to purchase one via Amazon Cyber Monday deals.

As I was mentioning above the Samsung Galaxy S3 Cyber Monday deals are including three of the biggest US carriers, thus after you sign a two-year contract with any of them you will be able to purchase the Sprint Galaxy S3, Verizon Galaxy S3, or AT&T Galaxy S3 for a mere $0.01. All three carriers are offering the White and Blue Galaxy S3 models, but Sprint also sells the Purple variant, while Verizon raises with the Black model. As usual, the prices may vary with the service plan you choose.

In case you don’t want to commit to a two-year agreement, you can also purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 off-contract and the prices are as follows: $699.99 for the White and Blue Verizon Galaxy S3, $549.99 for the Black Verizon Galaxy S3, $549.99 for the Sprint Galaxy S3 (White, Black, and Purple), and just $499.99 for the AT&T White and Blue Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Cyber Monday stocks are limited, so you should hurry up and get one right away. Furthermore, if you order it by the end of the day Amazon will ship it to you, for free, on Wednesday, December 4th.

You can take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Cyber Monday deals and order yours from Amazon by following the links below:

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  • Been There Done That

    A free s3 through sprint or ATT or any contract plan is no great deal if you consider the average monthly bill is around $90 (US dollars) with all the added fees and taxes. (I had one of the cheapest Sprint 4g data plans) Expand that over 2 years and you’re looking at about $2160. After 2 years of this Sprint craziness, I opted for buy a new s3 outright for $399 with no contract through metroPCS where I’m paying $50 a month (total). 2 Year total (minus phone) is $1200. Add the phone. but even then the savings is nearly $600 over 2 years. Is MetroPCS the fastest 4? No. But it’s pretty consistently fully covered here in South Florida with speeds as fast as my home cable (about 1 megabyte (not bit… byte) a second (or say 800Kb a second give or take). Sprint? The only place I ever got 4g service was a thin strip near i95.

    But anyway, regardless of who you go with, remember, even a free phone, on contract, will cost more than an expensive phone, with no contract. It’s just you feel the “pain” of the upfront purchase of the phone, but after that and spread out over 2 years or more, you are actually saving $$$. Free from the big 3 is not really free.