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Samsung Galaxy S3 first Benchmark Results Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S III

It looks like the mystery surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S3 is slowly but surely fading away with every single leak about the specs and performance of the much awaited device. This time though, we have valid proof that the hardware inside the new Galaxy S3 will be able to best even the one found in the fiercest competition. This was all made possible by a leaked benchmark result from the very popular GLBenchmark 2.1.  Maybe an early tester forgot to delete the result from there or was careless enough to submit the score to the cloud performance top. In either case, the GPU found in the Galaxy S3 will surely be up the job.

The GPU that will tick inside the new Galaxy top device will be running at 400 MHz and although this may not seem as much it will be more than enough for any smartphone user regardless of their standard. We still do not know the exact model of the GPU but now we do know that it is powerful enough to best the Adreno 225 and the GeForce ULP found in the Snapdragon Krait S4 platform and the NVIDIA Tegra 3 one. If we go as far as to compare the new GPU with the one found in the Galaxy S2 we would see that the new one is roughly 50% faster than the previous one, which is quite a boost since the one in the current Galaxy flagship is no pushover.

The really interesting stuff comes out of the comparison with iPhone 4S and the new iPad, devices that boasted the most powerful GPU’s to date. The dual core monster SGX543MP2 GPU found in the iPhone 4S was no match for the new one in the Galaxy S3, but as it goes, the new pretender to the title is still a little bit behind the quad core SGX543MP4 GPU found in the new iPad. By all means the benchmark was taken on a pre production unit of the Galaxy S3 so might be treated to even more performance once the software is further optimized.

If you are interested in seeing the results yourself all you have to do is take a glimpse at the graph below:

GLBenchmark Results

GLBenchmark Results


Another important aspect of this leak is that the benchmark was used to test the actual GPU performance by playing 720p content regardless of the screen resolution, so this result should now take into account the new processor that the Galaxy S3 will come with.

Some rumors suggested that the Galaxy S3 will come with the same GPU as the one found in the S II, the famous Mali 400MP, but after seeing it in a benchmark it is clear that it can’t be the same chip. The most plausible explanation is that the GPU in the S3 will be a dual core version of the Mali 400MP.

We are pleased to see that Samsung have upped their game yet again with the Galaxy S3, but one final mystery remains: nobody knows what exactly the device will look like. I guess we will just have to wait until the 3rd of May to see for ourselves.

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