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Samsung Galaxy S3 Live Wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful at the moment and it comes with a truly wonderful display, so you really have to try some live wallpapers on it. Fortunately there’s a pretty large selection of them around and we will only list the best ones we tried. The live wallpapers tested on the Galaxy S3 are both very beautiful and work very well.

While there are some paid live wallpapers for the Galaxy S3 too, we will only list the free ones, but make sure they are very good.

1. Mystic Halo

This Mystic Halo live wallpaper looks incredible, being inspired from Android Honeycomb. This is the free version, which doesn’t have some features, like rotation schemes and some special effects.

Download Mystic Halo.

2. Microbes

This is a live wallpaper designed especially for HD smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note. It’s very fast and doesn’t have any lag, so you should really give it a try.

Download Microbes.

3. Splatter

Splatter looks just awesome and comes with a lot of cool features that can make your phone look very well. You can either splat colors yourself by touching the screen or tick the auto-splat setting.

Download Splatter.

4. Pixel Rain

A pixelated rain on your Galaxy S3 HD display. Sounds cool ? This live wallpaper does exactly what it says and really looks very well. You will have the impression that your Galaxy S3 resolution just got down to something like 30×60.

Download Pixel Rain.

5. Rays of light

A very bright wallpaper for your Galaxy S3 that doesn’t do anything very special, but it does look special though.

Download Rays of Light.

6. Flux

Even if it only weights 90Kb, it takes full advantage of the OpenGL 3D effects and it does a wonderful job on such an impressive display, as the one present on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Download Flux.

7. Solar Wind

It’s hard to talk about this one. All you have to do is take a look at its impressive colors and plethora of customization options it comes with. It’s full of beautiful colors and works very fast without using too much memory.

Download Solar Wind.

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