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Samsung Galaxy S3, Most Popular Android Terminal, Samsung Maintains Dominance, Shows Study

According to the statistics Samsung is the biggest smartphone and mobile phone vendor in the world and most of its popular terminals are running on Google’s mobile operating system. Sometimes Google’s Android is associated with South Korean company’s Galaxy devices, which is another consequence of Samsung’s domination on the smartphone market.

According to the data centralized by Localytics firm, which provides various market analytics on various mobile platforms to the software developers, Samsung’s products are controlling the top 10 of the most Android-powered devices.

In January this year, only to other manufacturers besides Samsung made it to top 10 most popular Android devices. The most popular Android-powered terminal is the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is controlling 9.2% of the market, followed by its “father,” Galaxy S2, and it’s “grandfather’, the Galaxy S. I must mention that the figures doesn’t talk about the January sales, but about the number of Android terminals used by the owners over the time frame.

The only terminals that don’t wear the Samsung logo are the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and Motorola’s Droid RAZR smartphone. The best selling Android tablet, Kindle Fire, is followed by a Samsung tablet, Galaxy Tab 2 7”, being the only two slates that made it to the top 10.

In case it’s not obvious, I should mention that the total market share of the top 10 devices is of 32.6%, which means that the other two thirds on the market are the Android-powered terminals manufacturers.

Localytics’ study should be worrying for the other major Android-powered device makers like HTC, Sony, LG, or Huawei, as their absence in the top 10 most popular android devices says a lot about their product’s image and about the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.