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Samsung Galaxy S3 now on sale in Dubai

Update: Two more people confirmed this is true.

We all have been eager to get our hands on the Galaxy S3, aside from the testing units, and it seems like the guys living or visiting Dubai can buy one a week before it’s international release. A redditor spotted a poster in a Dubai store in Fono, Mall of the Emirates, which said it’s now available and they actually had the device on sale.

Until now we didn’t hear about any release date in Dubai and nobody knew they were going to sell it so soon there, but probably Samsung wanted to surprise us. Another possibility is that the stores already received the units and that one decided to sell it sooner. They have probably broken Samsung’s terms, but it actually appears to be true.

The guy who spotted the device has also taken a photo in the store, so we actually tend to believe him, but we can’t be 100% confident. But we asked some people in Dubai to check it out and they will let us know if it’s actually true and once we get an answer from them we will update this post.

So if you’re in Dubai you should check out the stores nearby and maybe you will get lucky.

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