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Samsung Galaxy S3 press release leaked, to be announced on May 22nd

We have one more Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor, coming from a leaked Samsung press invite. The leaked images shows both an announcement date and a slightly unclear image of the Galaxy S3.

According to the leaked press release, Samsung is going to hold the announcement event on May 22nd in London, UK. There isn’t much more to know from the image, though most rumors seem to be talking about the same specs.

There’s nothing sure yet, but most probably the new Samsung Galaxy S3 will come with a 1.5Ghz quad-core Exynos CPU, 4.65-inch Super Amoled Plus 720p display, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, and Google Wallet. It will also probably be slimmer and sport a 2,000 mAh battery. Its operating system will most probably be Android 4 ICS.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most expected smartphones nowadays and some rumors say there have been more than 10 million pre-orders from carriers, launching it in the top of smartphones by sales.

Unfortunately nothing is sure right now, though latest rumors have been talking about the same specs and announcement day, so it might actually be true. We will probably face more leaks in the near future with more information about Samsung’s upcoming flagship device.

The Galaxy S2 reached 20 million sales world-wide and still counting, helping the company become one of the top smartphone makers in the world. Being released about an year ago, it’s still one of the best sellers today.

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