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Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Rumored Again, Physical Button Included

There have been literally dozens of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S3, its specs and release date. First it was expected to be released in April, but Samsung denied it. Then some websites started taking pre-orders for it, the Galaxy S3 being priced at $800. Then some sources indicated that carriers have already ordered over 10 million devices, followed by an allegedly leaked press release, indicating a Samsung event on May 22nd, when the device might have been released. Based on all the rumors and taking into consideration that it might come with the same price tag as the Galaxy S and S2, we tried to make a Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy S2.

Today’s rumors say that Samsung wanted to remove the physical home button, which was actually expected. But according to them Samsung added it back recently, so the Galaxy S3 will still feature it. It appears that a long debate took place inside Samsung’s headquarters about the presence of a physical button and initially they wanted a clean design smartphone, à la Galaxy Nexus. Though they wanted to keep the physical button, basing on the fact that most Samsung users are already used to it and it should remain in place.

While most rumors have been talking about a Galaxy Nexus-like device, it seems like the Galaxy S3 will be inspired mostly from the Galaxy Note, so it will feature a 5-column layout, which many find very useful. And if these rumors are true, then Galaxy S3 will definitely come with a bigger display to house the 5 columns. According to the Korean Digital Daily, Samsung Galaxy S3’s release date could be next month, though they didn’t offer any actual date.

At the moment we can’t be sure what’s true and what isn’t, considering that Google does its best to ditch the physical buttons in favor of the on-screen ones. Unfortunately we noticed many news outlets who are baking rumors just to get a bit buzz, though they don’t have any real inside information or trusted sources.


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