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Samsung Galaxy S3 South Korea Model Updated to Official Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

South Korean Galaxy S3 smartphone can now be updated to Android 4.3 KKKUGMK2 starting today. Check your device’s Software Update menu for new versions of Jelly Bean and then simply press once to download the files. Remember that it is highly recommended for you to use a Wi-fi connection to download the update.

It seems like today is a good day for Galaxy S3 users, as the UK-based S3 variant also got its Android 4.3 official OTA Update. The same new features are added for the SHV E210K Galaxy S3 by this new update: support for Galaxy GEAR, TRIM support that will make your device run faster, new and better Samsung keyboard, updated graphics drivers, new lockscreen with support for widgets, Galaxy S4 Adapt Display and Professional Photo screen modes, Driving mode, expandable and actionable notifications, sound and shot camera mode, Daydream, new tabbed Settings interface like the one on the Galaxy S4, S-Voice from the same device and tons of other improvements.

Android 4.3 JB Official OTA Update for Galaxy S3 South Korea model is available OTA (over-the-air), enable Wi-Fi connection and confirm the installation when the Samsung notification is pushed to your phone. If the updating software alert doesn’t show up, then you can go to Software Update menu and check for them manually or, you can connect the device to your computer and launch Samsung KIES software.

The Android 4.3 update that was released for the UK Galaxy S3 has some bugs that are making devices’ batteries to drain completely in under four hours. However, it seems like the South Korea Android 4.3 firmware update doesn’t feature such ‘battery drain bug’ which means that you can update the phone with discovering any problems after the process is complete.

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