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Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz ported on other Android devices

After the S Voice has been leaked from the Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s now the time for TouchWiz to be ported. The guys over at XDA Developers managed to port the new TouchWiz 4 launcher on other Samsung devices.

The new TouchWiz comes with some new features, like alphabetical grid apps, the option to choose a default homescreen, among others. Unfortunately the TouchWiz launcher only works on Samsung based ROMs for the moment, but developers are still working to port it on more devices.

So if you are using AOSP, AOKP or CM9, you are out of lock, at least for now.

We have tried it on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and it’s very fast and smooth. We haven’t yet discovered any bugs, so we can claim that it’s stable and good to be used as your primary launcher.

The Galaxy S3 has come with a lot of new features and now people try to port them on other devices, because Samsung doesn’t seem to let them out officially on their other smart phones. Until now pretty much everything has been leaked from the smartphone and people started using them on many other devices. Hopefully Samsung is going to use these features on their other smart phones too, because some of them are really useful and could make a lot of customers happy.