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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Get Leaked Prices and Availability

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not available for purchase yet, the potential customers are already looking for accessories. Well, several Galaxy S4 accessories will be available soon and there is already a list of prices surfacing the internet, as well as release dates.

While the prices of the Galaxy S4 accessories are not official, you can get an idea about how much they will cost. According to Sam Mobile, the S Band will be sold for around $129.99 , but we don’t when it will be available, for now. On the other hand, the S View Cover will be sold starting April 1 and it will costĀ $69.99.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will also come with a wireless pad and cover, which are supposed to be available starting April 22 at a price of $49.99, while the Galaxy S4 Body Scale will be sold for $129.99 starting week 15. There will be other accessories available for purchase such as the Flip Cover which will cost $34.99 and it will hit the stores as of April 1, the Pouch which will be provided starting April 8 for $59.99, while the Protective Cover+ is expected to be launched on April 1 for $19.99.

Also, Samsung will release a Headset and Extra battery Kit which will cost $29.99, and the HRM Belt will be sold at $85. As fr the release date, all of them are expected to be available as of April 8. The Game Pad of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has beenĀ advertised a lot by the company will be launched in July and the users who desire to get it will have to pay $99.99.

Finally, there are three more accessories for the smartphone, namely an HDMI cable, which will cost $39 and it will available starting week 14, the Universal Audio Docking Station, which will cost around $120, and the Premium Audio Docking Station, which will be sold for $772. To be honest, I don’t know who would spend almost 800 bucks on an accessory, you might as well buy another phone with that money. Ah well, I’m sure that there will be fanatics that will be willing to buy the Premium Audio Docking Station, fanatics will a lot of cash, of course.

So, are you guys interested in any of the mentioned Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories?