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Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S Might Sport Wireless Charging

If the rumors coming from Taiwan are accurate, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 users will be able to enjoy wireless charging support on the latest smartphones launched by the two phone makers. According to DigiTimes, Samsung and Apple will be integrate wireless charging into their smartphones, therefore the users will get rid of the unaesthetic and uncomfortable wires.

For those of you who don’t know it already, Samsung Galaxy S4 release date was set for March 14th, when the South Korea-based company will launch its next-gen flagship during an Unpacked event in New York.

While the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone will try to attract more fans to Android Jelly Bean, Apple continues its preparations for its next-generation iPhone, which might not hit the stores sooner than August.

For the Samsung Galaxy S4, the wireless charging feature might be based on a additional module integrated on the back of the terminal, manufactured using the Qi wireless charging technologies developed by Wireless Power Consortium – an organization of which Apple is not part of.

Without having access to standardized technologies, Apple might implement the wireless charging function using an alternative technology developed in its own research labs. The drawback is that unlike Samsung Galaxy S4, which will be compatible with any Qi wireless certified charger, the upcoming iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will require a compatible Apple adapter, which will most likely come at a higher price.

Because the official confirmations are no where to be found, the above piece of information must be treated as a rumor, therefore take it with a pinch of salt.

What we know for sure is that both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S / iPhone 6, will include the most advanced technologies belonging to the companies, having all the aces up the sleeves to make the one of the most wanted smartphones in 2013.