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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Come At Four Major Australian Carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is making it way to all the important mobile operators worldwide. Many carriers have announced or going to confirm that they will stock Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is it represents a major attraction for their subscribers. The Galaxy S4 will be available in the Land Down Under as well, as four mobile networks have already announced that they will provide the devices in the following months. The four Australian carriers are Virgin Mobile, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

According to Ausdroid, all four carriers will have the Samsung Galaxy S4 in stock, but unfortunately any exact release date hasn’t been provide, nor details about its price tags.

Two of the companies, namely Optus and Vodafone, are already offering the possibility to their customers to leave their personal information to the sign up pages for the Galaxy S4, The people who will do that will automatically receive information about the release date and price of the handset.

As for now, there is no more information about the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in Australia, but we expect that the carriers will provide us with more details as soon as the release date of the device will approach.

So, are you going to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4, or you prefer another flagship? There are people who said that they are going to wait a bit longer as the latest reports suggest that Google is preparing a few surprises. Of course, there hasn’t been any official confirmation, but rumor has it the internet giant will launch the Motorola X Phone or the Nexus 5 at its I/O event that will be held in mid-May.

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