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Samsung Galaxy S4 Stocks Are Getting Low Because Of “Overwhelming Demand,” Sammy Confirms

While no one though that this could happen to Samsung, it looks like the company is experiencing some stock issues. The same thing happened to HTC which had problems with its Ultrapixel camera sported by the HTC One.

This is not the same case for Samsung as the South Korean company’s latest flagship is working just fine. Also, Samsung will not delay the release date of the Galaxy S4 too much, just the device will be available in limited supply at first due to the very high worldwide demand, according to Bloomberg.

The information comes from a statement made by a Samsung official, who said that the initial supply might be limited because the demand for the Galaxy S4 is even higher than expected. He added that the company will do anything in its power to meet the huge demand in the following weeks.

This statement actually explains the reason why T-Mobile online Galaxy S4 orders were delayed yesterday until April 29. Also, we now understand why Sprint announced that the release date of the Galaxy S4 will no longer be April 27. The carrier said that this was because of some “unexpected inventory challenges”. Furthermore, the pre-order number has gone so high that Sprint has sold out its entire pre-order stock before the handset was even launched.

Verizon offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 as of today, but the customers should know that the smartphone will be launched on May 30, so you won’t get the chance to grab it until then. Just like the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 will be sold by basically all the major carriers in the US. This is a good strategy because more mobile operators means more money for Samsung. Nevertheless, this could have a drawback as well, and as you can see the company will not be able to meet the demand from all carriers at launch.

Despite its camera problems, the HTC One has already made it in the US market ahead of the Galaxy S4, and it’s now available for purchase from lots of mobile networks and retailers. Apart from the standard device that comes with a carrier contract, the unlocked version of the HTC One is also available, as well as the Developer edition.

The fact that the Galaxy S4 launch is delayed is actually unexpected good news for HTC, though the people who already pre-order the handset are not just going to ditch it and go for the HTC One. Also, Samsung expects that no less than 10 million Galaxy S4 units will be shipped in the first month after its launch.

On the other hand, it seems that HTC has shipped 300k HTC One units last month, 1.2 million in April, and two more next month.

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