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Samsung Galaxy S4 Availability Revealed: Will Launch In 60 countries

Samsung has just officially announced the Galaxy Tab 3. However, the company offered additional important information about its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. Samsung has reassured the soon-to-be owners of the phone that it will be available in their countries.

The Samsung officials have stated that the Galaxy S4 is scheduled to launch in no less than 60 countries all over the world, and that the device will be launched in even more regions in the coming weeks. At the moment, among the countries in which the Galaxy S4 will be released there are the US, the UK, France and Germany.

According South Korean online publication Yonhap News, the company is planning to release the Galaxy S4 in as many countries as possible throughout the second quarter of the year, and this will involve collaborating with more than 300 mobile networks including Vodafone, AT&T, and Telefonica. These three are just some examples as Samsung will be working with carriers from no less than 155 countries worldwide. In spite of the fact that Samsung is currently the number one company when in comes to Android smartphones, the manufacturer is looking to further expand its domination, and the Galaxy S4 is surely a very reliable weapon for conquering the markets.

Samsung Mobile has become a cash making machine. Last week, the company said that it has obtained an operating income of almost 8 billion US dollars, and most of the earnings are due to its Galaxy smartphone line. 8 billion dollars is more money that even Samsung predicted to earn in Q1 2013, and as things go the same case will be in the second quarter of the year, as well.

But enough about finances, has the Galaxy S4 become available in your country yet?

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