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Samsung Galaxy S4 Available On All Canadian Carriers

Finally Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in Canada, and it is spread all over the country to all carriers, both national wide and local ones. And where is competition, there are promotions, and Canadians have lots of places from which to pick their Galaxy S4 smartphone at the lowest price and with the best contract. Or maybe contract free with some other benefits. But let’s see the carriers who already hold the latest flagship device from Samsung. Well, we can start with the big four carriers: Bell, Virgin TELUS and Rogers. These hold good promotions and are ready to make a good deal especially if you are an old customer.

Some regional carriers include Fido, Eastlink, Koodo and Videotron. The prices range from $199 Canadian dollars on a three year contract and can go as high as $700 Canadian dollars if you prefer the contract free smartphone. This range of prices is quite normal for brand new high end smartphones who touch Canadian soil, but as I said above, there are a few promotions if you choose certain carriers.

Rogers is ready to offer you a free Kindle Paperwhite 3G if you choose to purchase a Galaxy S4 from them with a 3 year contract. Good deal if you think about the package you receive for only $199 Canadian dollars. Videotron on the other hand, has an off contract offer for the Galaxy S4 which they have priced it at only $649 Canadian dollars, so $51 off the price. On a cheaper price plan contract, Koodo is offering the Galaxy S4 at $475 while Fido sells the smartphone for $450 on a two year contract.

TELUS has displayed a “Limited Stock” tag for Galaxy S4 on their website and the shipping is expected to be between 1 and 2 weeks so pack yourself with patience is you are hoping to receive a pre-ordered Galaxy S4 from them. With such variety of carriers, which one are you going to pick if you would buy the latest Samsung smartphone? And why?

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