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Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life Gets Benchmarked for the Snapdragon 600 Variant

Last week we showed you the benchmarks results of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The scores were compared to the ones of the other flagship smartphones recently released such as the BlackBerry Z10, the HTC One and the Nexus 4, but also to the results obtained by the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S4 had no problems in beating them all, the most impressive thing being the fact that it’s twice as powerful than the iPhone 5.

Now, it’s time to see how much will the battery life of the Galaxy S4 last while performing various tasks. The folks at GSM Arena have done a several different battery tests using the Samsung Galaxy S4. The battery has been tested while talking to the phone, browsing the internet and during video playback. Since it has a very impressive 2600 mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has obtained better results than the Galaxy S3, but has also beaten other rival smartphones. Nevertheless, we must take into consideration the fact that the Galaxy S4 has a larger screen than its predecessor, and also a thinner profile. If the S4 would have come with the same profile as the S3 and wold have kept the same screen size, it’s battery could’ve been even bigger.

The performed tests shows us that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has enough battery life to last though an entire day, but it depends on how and how much you use it. Also, the Galaxy S4 battery tests have been done in particular conditions, which are different from the ones in real life usage.

Talk Time


The battery of the Galaxy S4 manged to stay alive 13:53 hours while talking, which is better than the Galaxy S3 which lasted 3.5 hours less. Of course, the battery isn’t drained so fast while talking to the phone because the screen is off and the processor is idle. According to the website, the Sony Xperia Z was able to last two extra hours, but the difference is due to the fact that it has a little older processor than the Galaxy S4.

Web Browsing


The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S4 lasted for 8:42 hours while surfing the internet (the battery being changed only once), while the Samsung Galaxy S3 lasted 2 hours less. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S4 was bested by other handsets such as the HTC One, the iPad Mini and Galaxy Note 2, but we must highlight the fact that the HTC One comes with a smaller display, and the iPad Mini and the Galaxy Note 2 have way much bigger batteries.

Video Playback


In case you want a video playback marathon on your Galaxy S4 you should know that the device will last for 10:16 hours. At this segment the battery of the S4 is drained in a similar time to the Galaxy S3, so there isn’t much improvement here. While it manages to obtain a slightly better result than the iPhone 5 and HTC One, the Galaxy S4 is bested by devices like the Samsung Galaxy Premier, Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Lastly, GSM Arena says that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will require another charge in 63 hours after you charge it. This sounds very impressive, but the battery will last this long only if you don’t talk more than an hour each day. It’s the same case for video playback and web browsing. I don’t know about you, but this criteria sounds absurd.

I think that with a regular usage the battery will last for about a day, because I’m sure that the users will put the smartphone to work more than 1 hour per day. Remember, that the battery test have been performed on the Galaxy S4 model that is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

Of course the battery of the Galaxy S4 will be really put to the test when it will be available for purchase. Until then, these results are just estimated. Also, I’m very interesting so see how the battery on the Exynos 5 Octa variant of the smartphone.

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