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Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Announced

Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced and demoed today at the 2013 UNPACKED event. It is packed full with new features and functions which will transform the smartphone into a ‘life companion’, as Samsung likes to describe their new flagship device.

There are tons of new features added for the Galaxy S4 as you will get them on the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS. It features the same TouchWiz UI which isn’t that different than the one on Galaxy S3. It seems to be more fluid and smoother, but this was expected as the new device comes with a better CPU and 2GB DDR. More info about the phone’s specs can be found here.

The Official Galaxy S4 features are the following ones: Air Gesture, Air View, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, Camera improved UI, Camera Eraser Mode, Dual Camera, Story Album, Sound & Shot, Drama Shot, Adapt Display, Adapt Sound, S Health, S Translator, Samsung WatchON, OpticalReader and Group Play.

The Air Gesture and Air View features will allow uses to simply hover their finger to pop up previews and move through screens easier than ever. You can simply wave over the display and you will answer a phone call. These features will be great for those who aren’t fans of physically interacting with their phone’s display that much.

Smart Pause will automatically pause any video when you look away from the Galaxy S4 display, while the Smart Scroll feature will be able to automatically adjust scrolling by simply tracking the area that you’re looking at. You will be impressed only after getting your hands on the device as these features cannot simply be explained that well until you personally experience them.

The Camera of Galaxy S4 is of 13MP and it comes with tons of new features, such as Drama Shot. This creates a still image of a series of burst photos. Another great feature is the one that allows you to record audio up to eight seconds and then add it over the photo you just took. Story Album is great for users who want to create picture albums by setting a criteria such as geolocation, date etc.

Eraser Mode allows you to find and remove unwanted details from the pictures you just took. Dual Camera function will allow you to dual record video and take pictures using both Galaxy S4 cameras.

Group Play allows you to connect 8 Galaxy S4 devices through NFC and share audio files, photos and any other data that you want. The Samsung AdaptDisplay and AdaptSound features will improve sound and display quality for all applications independently one from another. Also, the WatchOn feature uses the IR LED and allows you to use your Galaxy S4 as a remote control for your Samsung TV and other device.

Most of these new functions are pretty cool and you will have a blast while testing all of them.┬áThese are the most important new features of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Keep an eye on our website as we will post new info about the pricing, release date and availability of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.

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