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Samsung Galaxy S4 Interest Is 40% Higher Over Galaxy S3

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most wanted smartphone, with an astonishing 40% interest over its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3, as it results from the pre-registrations in UK. These numbers came from Phones 4U, an UK retailer who witnessed an overwhelming demand for the new superphone. It seems like Samsung has the success receipt and isn’t willing to share it with nobody as it smashes record after record.

If we generalize the interest on a larger scale, we can easily estimate that Samsung will be the most selling smartphone of the year and that, my friends, is more than a rumor, it started to be a fact. As Scott Hooton, the chief commercial officer said that Galaxy S4 has a “strong chance of becoming the biggest selling smartphone of 2013”. He continued to say that the smartphone “ exceeded our expectations in terms of technological innovation and form factor”.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is scheduled to be launched in UK in late April, and it’s the first smartphone from Samsung who is starting to detach Android, by concentrating the software on their own made features.

Some reports are pointing on a huge number of S4 smartphones who will be sold in the first month, and we’re talking about millions, over 10 million units to be more accurate, which will give Samsung a boost over other competitors like HTC One and iPhone.

Over all, we are also excited by this piece of art and we would like to see more of its kind on everybody’s pockets, but somehow the war started to bring up the heavy guns and we can’t wait to see what iPhone and HTC will come up with. Also, maybe Motorola, Sony and LG will also come out with something good to thread Samsung’s supremacy.

Are you one of the 40% or you enjoy other smartphones? Tell us why, in the comment section below.

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