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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Release Date Is June 2013, Says Report

Until now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has been only a rumored device, but not anymore because the company has confirmed its existence and it will be released on the market by June 2013.

In the period prior to the announcement of the Galaxy S4, there were a lot of reports suggesting that Samsung will release a smaller version of its flagship named Galaxy S4 Mini meant for the customers who prefer a less larger device. Some people just don’t like big gadgets and considering that the Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch display it definitely enrolls in that category. Also, Samsung launched a smaller version of the Galaxy S3 and it was somehow expected that the manufacturer will do the same thing with this year’s flagship.

It looks like the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch is no longer a mystery as one of the Samsung’s officials gave an interview to Bloomberg confirming that the S4 Mini will be available soon after its bigger brother. Nevertheless, the guys at Sam Mobile have a different opinion suggesting that the Galaxy S4 Mini won’t be released right after the Galaxy S4, which is scheduled for late April. They say that the smaller device will be available sometime in June. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact release date and we are not sure if the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be launched only in Europe, or it will head to other markets, as well.

For instance, Samsung released the Galaxy S3 Mini only in selected markets. One important market that didn’t get the device was the US where there was a high demand for the Note 2 and Galaxy S3. Anyway, it’s clear that Samsung wants to ship as many Galaxy S4 units as it can at first, and afterwards worry about the S4 Mini.

Samsung didn’t specified with what the S4 Mini will come under its hood, but of the rumors are true it will sport a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD screen with a pixel density of 256ppi. Also, it will be powered by a dual-core CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz, though other reports suggested that it will be underpinned by a quad-core processor). The Galaxy S4 Mini will come running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, accompanied by Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, Nature 2.0. As for the connectivity, it seems that it will be available in both HSPA+ and 4G LTE variants.

It looks pretty promising, although the Galaxy S4 Mini doesn’t seem so “mini” with that 4.3-inch display. It’s actually bigger than Apple’s iPhone. If things continue this way, perhaps a 5-inch display smartphone will be the Mini version of a future flagship someday.