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Samsung Galaxy S4 Officially Revealed In Teaser Photo

Yesterday, a couple of images that supposedly were featuring the Chinese version of the Galaxy S4 emerged on the internet. The first thing that went though my mind was that they were fake. However, Samsung Mobile US has just posted a teaser photo of the device on its official Twitter account, which we assume it displays the Galaxy S4, and the smartphone seems to have the same shape that the one we say yesterday.

The image was twitted earlier today, and if you take a close look at the phone you can notice the obvious similarity to the Galaxy S3. Let me rephrase, they’re not similar, they are almost identical. The only differences are that the alleged Galaxy S4 has the Samsung logo placed somehow different, and he device doesn’t sport the camera, sensors, nor the speakers.

I know that a manufacturer sometimes keeps the same idea in terms of design of its products, but this is too much. Did Samsung go mad, and plans to release another Galaxy S3, but with different hardware?

This image is conflicting all the previous rumors that have been surfacing the web since people started talking about the device, with every one of them saying that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a new angular appearance.

Moving on, previous reports specified that Samsung will release to color versions of the Galaxy S4 namely white and black. Afterwards, a video teaser emerged indicating that the handset will come in the exact same colors, again white and black.

Where I’m trying to get is that the above teased photo not only that it has the same design as the Galaxy S3, but it doesn’t seem black at all. All I see is Pebble Blue.

I’m not even going to try to explain this because I’m more confused than last week, before the company released any teasers. Maybe, Sammy is trying to cloud our minds in order to make the Galaxy S4 a surprise for everyone. If that’s the case, I really don’t mind, on the contrary, I hope it is because people won’t be that eager to purchase a smartphone that has the same looks as the one they might already own.

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