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Samsung Galaxy S4 to Come with 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU?

The HTC One (also known as HTC M7) is due for release on February 19th. The company has a good marketing strategy as it prepared two unveiling events at the same time. The device will be showed off in two different locations namely London and New York. Being the next flagship smartphone of HTC, it attracts a lot of attention from the audience. The HTC One brand has already been confirmed as the Taiwanese manufacturer signed a three-year partnership contract with UEFA.

You’d think that is enough to steal the spotlight from other rival companies like Samsung. The South Korean phone maker has delayed the release of the Galaxy S4. Some say that the handset will be launch in March, others in April, as no official statement has been made. This would be a great opportunity for HTC, being all along in the ring. However, there have been a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S4, as well, so the fans of the brand will certainly wait for it, no matter how long it takes to arrive.

And the rumors keep coming. A few days ago we wrote about the first GL Benchmark featuring the Galaxy S4. The benchmark came along with a report that confirms the fact that the phone will come with touchless gestures technology. Now, another benchmark has appeared on the internet, which features the Verizon version of the device, model number SCH-I545.

If you remember, the Verizon version of the Galaxy S3 had the model number SCH-I535, so it’s pretty clear that the SCH-I545 is in fact the Samsung Galaxy S4. The benchmark comes from NenaMark 2 this time, and even though we are not sure about its reliability, the specs seem to be exact.

Just like the previous reports have claimed, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a Full HD display (probably a 5-incher) and a 1.9 GHz CPU. As you can see in the benchmark, the processor’s brand of the GS4 is not specified, but the GPU is a Qualcomm Adreno 320. With that in mind, the processor probably is a quad-core Snapdragon.

Even though it’s still possible that the smartphone will feature an S4 Pro SoC (although the chip was never clocked at 1.9 GHz), according to some sources, Samsung will implement another Qualcomm namely the new Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T.

I know it’s kind of strange, with Samsung using a SoC manufacturer by a rival company and all, and not sticking with its own Exynos chip (previous rumors claimed that the galaxy S4 will be powered by the new 8-core Exynos 5). However, the Galaxy S3 has the Exynos CPU only on versions of certain regions of the world like Europe and Asia . In North America the device sport a dual-core Krait processor manufactured, well, by Qualcomm.

So, far everything seems to fit in the picture, but what really bothers me is the NenaMark 2 benchmark’s performance result which is 58.7. The score is pretty similar to the one of the Galaxy Note 2, which is not so good. According to the GLBenchmark, the Galaxy S4 should score a lot better results than the Note 2, and the NenaMark should not be any different.

One of the benchmark is wrong, of course. I only home that the results coming from GL are the real ones, if not the Galaxy S4 will be a real disappointment.