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Samsung Galaxy S4 Might Come with Quad-core Processor, Shows Benchmark Log

If you ask people on the street which phone they expect the most, many of them will give a straight answer, the Samsung Galaxy S4. The more people are interested in a device, the more related rumors appear. The company hasn’t announced the Galaxy S4 officially, but we know that it will launch the so-called “next big thing” pretty soon.

Now, the latest news is provided by the database of GLBenchmark. The benchmark displays a smartphone called Samsung SHV-E300S, which seems that has been put to a few tests. We’re not quite sure, but rumor has it that the Samsung E300S is, in fact, the Korean version of the Galaxy S4 (aka GT-I9500 or SGH-I337).

In case it proves to actually be the Samsung Galaxy S4, the listing of GLBenchmark offers good news, bu also bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news. It seems that the Galaxy S4 is not going to sport the new Exynos 5 Octa processor (which includes eight cores), which is not such a big surprise in my opinion. The users who want this great CPU, will have to wait until the next Galaxy Note is launched because the phablet will surely come with the 8-core monster.

Moving further, you should not be worried about the fact that the Galaxy S4 won’t sport a processor with eight cores because according to the benchmark results, Samsung will, one again, have the fastest smartphone on the planet (again, if in fact the results for the S4 are legit).

Despite the fact that there are only two tests taken by the Galaxy S4, the showed results are quite awesome. In terms of offscreen and onscreen 3D performance, the S4 scored 41.3 fps and 39.4 fps, respectively. If the numbers are true, than the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 will seem as two “Davids” standing next to “Goliath”. Moreover, not even the HTC Butterfly (a device known for its high performances), can match the Samsung Galaxy S4, with a score of 29.7 fps and 28.1 fps.

But there is a good reason why the results of the Galaxy S4 are so good, and up to breaking any existing performance record. It seems that the smartphone is powered by a 1.9 quad-core 1.9 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. Also, the GPU appears to be an Adreno 320, although it’s pretty hard to believe that Samsung will ditch its Exynos chip. The amount of RAM will probably be 2GB, or even more.

Even though the side of the display is not mentioned (could be a 5-incher, according to some reports), the pixel resolution will reach the sky with 1,920 x 1080. Yeah, you heard me, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a Full HD Display. As for the operating system my money is on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, of course. It looks like this specific version that will be launched in South Korea will feature LTE connectivity and will be available at SK Telecom Korea.

I must say that if the news is true, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 will blast all of its competition, and will become the nr 1 smartphone in the world, again. I wonder, what Apple will implement on its next iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6)? They will probably add another row of icons.