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Samsung Galaxy S4 Receives 5,500 mAh Battery from Mugen Power

So, Samsung has managed to sell 20 million Galaxy S4 units in only two months, which is great because it’s the fastest selling Android smartphone ever. However, along with the device itself some people like to buy all kinds of accessories for it, some of the most popular being the custom cases. Still, some of the users have functionality in mind and like to purchase an extra battery. Not that the stock battery of the Galaxy S4 isn’t decent providing 8 hours of moderate usage, 4 hours of video streaming and 17 hours of talk time. This sounds pretty good, but for some users it’s just not enough.

If you are among the hardcore users who like to spend a lot of time browsing the web or performing other tasks that drains your phone’s battery you will be happy to hear that Mugen Power has announced a 5,500 mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This alternative battery comes with over twice the capacity of the standard one.

The company that manufactures the extended batteries claims that their product will provide more than double battery life for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Mugen Power says that if you use your phone just to install an app from time to time, send an email, and browse the internet, the estimated battery life will be around 3-4 days, which I think is more than enough even for those who “abuse” their handsets. But wait, it gets even better. The users who buy the Mugen battery will not have to be concerned about compatibility aspects as the battery has the same voltage as the Galaxy S4’s stock battery. Plus, its cover comes with a NFC coil, as well.

The company says that the battery will be shipped starting this month. The Galaxy S4 users interested in buying it will be able to do that for $89.50. They will also have the possibility to choose from two backplate color options, namely white and black.