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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Postponed Over Exynos 5 Octa Faults

Another day, another rumor about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its mystery processor. It seems like this is never going to end, at least until the company makes things clear for everyone. A couple of days ago, there was a rumor saying that Samsung had some problems involving its new Exynos 4 Octa-core, and the CPU will no longer be included in the new flagship device. This meant that Samsung would have to reach out for help at Qualcomm and use one of its SoCs on the Galaxy S4.

Even though the Exynos 5 was only reportedly going to be sported by the device, hearing the news was a big disappointment. Samsung must have another chip that could at least provide similar performance as the Octa-core, apart from the Snapdragon.

Yesterday, another report appeared on the internet which seems to confirm the bad news, considering that it’s standalone and not based on the first one.

The second report comes from analyst Gus Richard from Piper Jaffray. Richard talks about the partnership between Samsung and Qualcomm regarding the release of the GS4. Practically, he says the same thing but in different words. According to Richard, Samsung is going to delay the release of the Galaxy S4 because the company has experienced some issues with the Exynos 5 SoC. Consequently, Samsung is considering is considering using one of Qualcomm’s chip instead, in lack of another option. If this proves to be true then the chip maker will have a lot of benefits due to this partnership.

However, if the analyst is wrong it won’t be the first time, so don’t lose your hope. Let’s just wait for the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4. If the device will come sporting a Qualcomm SoC, the Samsung will come with a fancy talk explanation for sure. Like they ever gonna admit that their Exynos 5 has major flaws and can’t be used on their own smartphone.

If I remember well, there was a previous report citing an inside source that claimed the Exynos 5 Octa will indeed be included on one of Samsung’s products, but he was talking about the Galaxy Note 3. He didn’t mention anything about the Galaxy S4. Maybe the company knew that it isn’t going to work because I don’t see any other reason why the CPU would not be implemented on the company’s best device. Don’t get my wrong, the smartphones of the Note series are great, but the S line is the star.

Or, Samsung was going to use a Qualcomm processor the whole time, and “slipped” the information about the Exynos 5 just to get people excited.