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Samsung Teaser Invites You to Times Square for the Galaxy S4 Launch

There are two more weeks until Samsung’s announced event where the company will finally unveil the Galaxy S4. Yesterday, it released posted a Twitter teaser and invited the people to Times Square for the launch of its new flagship smartphone. Don’t get to excited because Samsung will not launch the Galaxy S4 on the streets. The invitation specifies that the people eager to go will have the possibility to watch the livestream of the event. The company also says that the attendants will get to “experience Samsung’s new flagship smartphone”.  Experience it how? It’s not like Samsung is planning a hands-on session will all the curious pedestrians. The phone maker will probably provide more details in the following days.

It is more than clear that the South Koreans want to get all the possible attention from the media and the potential customers, and a public event in the most popular location of New York is just the way to do it. This could be another reason why Samsung chose New York for the launch of the Galaxy S4, instead of a European or Asian city, although wouldn’t be the first time when the company hold an event in the Big Apple. Plus, the US market is the most powerful source of cash for Samsung. However, it’s Apple’s most profitable market as well. In  other words, the US market is not that easy to conquer, but if you do then the success is guaranteed (Samsung needs to make a good impression in the United States if it wants to reach the 100 million sold units milestone, as it declared a while ago).

Before leaving, just take a look at the teaser photo. It says “be ready 4…”, but more interesting is the dotted black background, which I think is a not a fortuity. If you remember, in 2012 Samsung teased the Galaxy S3 in the press invites, and it looks like it is doing it one again. Furthermore, the Galaxy S4 will allegedly be available in two color options, white and black. The background of the invitation is probably teasing the back side of the black version. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport a glossy case, but I doubt that it will be made of glass. The device will most likely come dressed in the good old “premium” plastic, as always.

As for the launch event, we’ll keep you posted with all the details when they will be available. After all, you don’t want to go to Times Square if nothing interesting will happen.