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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date: Expectations, Predictions, and Hopes

Tomorrow is the release date of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4, the handset expected to win the “smartphone of the year 2013” award. Considering that this week has begun with rumors saying that HTC One doesn’t excels when it comes to battery life, even though I’m recommending you to take the information with a pinch of salt, Samsung Galaxy S4 is beginning to sound like a top handset, or like an Android flagship capable of outmatching any rival. Let’s have a look at what the highly-anticipated smartphone might have for us.

First of all, I will begin by saying that in some leaked AnTuTu benchmarks Samsung Galaxy S4 is listed among the terminals that can score up to 40,000 points, while Sony Xperia Z, one of S4’s main rivals only manages 17,000. Let me summarize the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors for you: it seems that it will ditch the Super AMOLED display for a PHOLED screen, this time using a fluorescent panel instead of a phosphorescent one. Rumor has it that the new PHOLED display is 25% more battery friendly than the Super AMOLED panel.

Then, we will apparently get an octo-core Exynos 5 Octa chipset, even though some sources are reporting that certain markets of the globe will get a Snapdragon 600 SoC. 2 GB of RAM are 99.99% sure, unless Samsung decides to surprise us and fit 3 gigs, then a 13 megapixel camera already confirmed by some Picasa leaks. It was rumored that it’s the same Exmor R sensor of the Xperia Z, but, to be honest, I hope it will be slightly better. I am also expecting HDR video and maybe even 1080p video capture at 60 fps. We’d also welcome image stabilization capabilities, at least as good as the ones of Lumia 920.

Samsung has two choices when it comes to storage: 16/32/64 GB + microSD card slot or 32/64 GB without microSD. I guess that the first option will be the one chosen by the South Korean company, knowing that most of the users are choosing its smartphones for this particular feature.

You shouldn’t be surprised if Samsung will use nanoSIM technology for the Galaxy S4, because there were several terminals adopting the new standard at MWC 2013. Then, you should also expect LTE and NFC, plus several other Samsung proprietary technologies.

It was rumored that Samsung is will also include an eye scrolling technology on the Samsung Galaxy S4, which would allow us to scroll a web page using nothing but our eyes. Since the technology was already patented by the South Korean company, it’s only a formality to get it inside its smartphones. I am sure that Pop up Play and an efficient multitasking system / Multi View will also be available, alongside with the myriad of gestures that debuted on Galaxy S3: Smart Stay, S Beam, and all other treats of the flagship smartphone.

The battery will also be an important aspect of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and my guess is that it will be somewhere around 2,500 mAh, which should be enough for one and a half days of normal usage.

Oh, I forgot to mention the display size. We will most likely get a 4.99-inch display, or at least that’s what the gossips say.

Well, the biggest mystery as we speak is the design, even though there were enough leaks about it, too. If it is to ask me, policarbonate or plastic is what we’ll get, a metallic frame around the screen, and a bezel that’s as thin as possible. The physical home button will be there too, accompanied by two capacitive buttons. Of course, we could be surprised by a design with edge-to-edge display, without physical or capacitive buttons on front end. Personally, I believe that the one physical button – two capacitive buttons solution is the most plausible one.

It would be interesting to see Samsung selling different versions for the back lids of the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery. For example one can choose for a bigger battery that comes with a plastic lid, or a smaller battery that incorporates a lit with metallic finishing. How does this sound?

In terms of sales, I am expecting the Samsung to ship at least 5 million units in the first month, or even in the first weekend if it’s a global debut.

I like that the Samsung Galaxy S4 teasers were all discreet and I hope that the advertising and the marketing will follow the same line and that the commercials will not be megalomaniac and obsessive like the ones for Microsoft Surface or the Lumia models.

Price? I’m glad you asked. Probably €600 in Europe and $600 in North America for the unlocked model and $/€200 with a two-year contract. What are you expectations for this model and what do you believe will be the disappointments?

You shouldn’t forget that Samsung Galaxy S4 will debut tomorrow in New York at 19:00 EST, and the event will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

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