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Samsung To Announce “Something New” At CES 2013, Is It The Galaxy S4?

There are less than 7 months since the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 was officially unveiled, a smartphone known for its slim design, top notch performance and high quality display, and the South Korea-based phone maker is teasing us with a new spectacular product, telling us to “get ready for something new.”

Since the rumors about the successor of Galaxy S3 are making the headlines lately, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the name on everyone’s lips after the Asian company has officially posted a new teasing video.

Samsung Galaxy S4 or maybe another creation of the South Korean company will see the light of day soon after the Christmas Holidays, therefore the fans attracted by the idea of smartphone packing an unbreakable display, eventually with a design sexier than iPhone 5’s, and with a wide 5-inch display, might delay their shoppings for the first half of 2013. According to the teaser posted by Samsung, the Galaxy S4 release date was set for January 8 – 11, at Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) expo.

The rumors regarding an early debut for Galaxy S4 are also confirmed by an older information, published in The Korea Times, only that the Asian publication was talking about a launch at Mobile World Congress 2012, a event scheduled for February, in Barcelona.

Samsung’s decision to avoid launching the next flagship at Mobile World Congress, where most of the companies are bringing their high-end devices would attract all the looks on the Galaxy S4. Moreover CES 2013 is held on the US territory (Las Vegas, NV) and it can have a positive impact on the North American market, boosting the sales of the smartphone.

Still, we mustn’t forget that, ususually, the smartphones are not the stars of the CES expo, and since Samsung is one of the leaders of the TV segment, the teaser might also be related to a device that will hang on your wall, rather than fit in your pocket.

If the rumors are accurate and Samsung Galaxy S4 will debut at CES 2012, we might see the smartphone hitting the stores sometime in late March or early April, with enough time for the South Korean company to sell millions of units until Apple launches the next-gen iPhone.