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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date at Verizon Set for May

The highly awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available at Verizon starting next month, according to a tweet posted by the mobile network. Even though the carrier doesn’t mention an exact release date the Verizon subscribers will be able to buy the flagship as of May. Verizon even posted a photo of the Galaxy S4 with its own brand and said that additional details will be available in the following days. This announcement comes after AT&T revealed that it will offer the Galaxy S4 for pre-order starting April 30.

Apart from not providing an exact release date, Verizon doesn’t specify how much will the customers will have to pay for the Samsung Galaxy S4 either. Maybe, Verizon will offer the smartphone with the Device Payment Plan, which has been announced recently, but we don’t know for sure. The contract will take effect on April 21, but the carrier didn’t mention which devices will be offered under that plan, only specifying that will be only some of them.

As for the other mobile operators, US Cellular is already offering the Galaxy S4 for pre-order, while T-Mobile announced that the device will be available at the beginning of May (“about May 1”).  AT&T made the statements in the Big Apple during its Uncarrier event, when the company inaugurated its LTE network in 7 regions.

As I said, the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be pre-ordered from  AT&T though its official website, and you should expect the handset to be shipped as of April 30. We also expect that the phone will be available on the stores’ shelves starting May 1. AT&T will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 16 GB for $199 with a two-year contract. For those of you who don’t want a plan, you can opt for the contract free version for $639.

We expect that more information about the Verizon model of the Galaxy S4 will be available soon, so stick around!


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