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Samsung Galaxy S4 release date set for April

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has just been announced today in New York and it doesn’t impress very much. The Korean maker tried to impress mostly by software features, failing to improve much on the hardware side and they didn’t specify anything about the processor.

Unfortunately Samsung didn’t surprise us at all, because every feature it comes with has been already leaked, including the software and design. So the presentation brought us nothing we didn’t know already, except a vague release date.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date will be sometime in April for Europe and the first countries to get it may be the UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, Austria and Romania. According to the Unpacked Event 2013, the Galaxy S4 will be sold by 327 in 55 countries, meaning that the most important carriers will offer it in a few months.

In the United States it will probably be available at AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile at first, with others to follow thereafter. But the US release date might be one to two months later than Europe, which means May or even June, unfortunately. Most Samsung devicesĀ arriveĀ later in the US and it seems the Galaxy S4 will follow suit.

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 will come with 4G LTE, though we can’t be sure that’s world wide, considering that was the case with Galaxy Note 2 too. Hopefully it will come with 4G LTE support worldwide, unlike their phablet, especially considering that now most carriers provide 4G speeds.

The Galaxy S4 will feature 2GB of RAM, an 1080p 5-inch Super AMOLED 3 display with 441ppi, a 13MP primary camera and a 2MP frontal one, along with a 2,600 mAh battery. The device weights 130g and is 7.9mm thick. Some of the features the Galaxy S4 comes with are: Sound & Shot, Drama Shot, S Translator, S Health, Dual Camera, Air Gesture, Adapt Display, and Adapt Sound.

Samsung’s new flagship device will come in Black Mist and White Frost colors, fortunately ditching the blue. Later more colors will probably be available.

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