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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Will Be March According to Korean Analyst

Even though usually weekends are not so full of news, the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors are keep coming. This time it’s about a reportedly leaked document belonging to a research firm based in South Korea. According to the mentioned document, Samsung’s new flagship will be unveiled in March.

As we always do, we recommend you to take the news as chew it just like any other rumor until official confirmation. As you can observe in the screenshot above the article (which was provided by Italian blog Chaotic), there is not an exact date mentioned, only March. Other important specs that are not included in the image are the weight of the device, its display time, not even its size. Further, the leak doesn’t even feature a photo of the Galaxy S4.

However, the image does reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with an Exynos 5440 CPU (which is quite interesting because previous rumors said that the phone will sport either the octa-core Exynos 5, or a new processor developed by Qualcomm, the latter still being possible for the US version of the handset), 2GB of RAM, a full HD display that measures 5 inches and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean right out of the box. A few of the mentioned specifications have been present in other reports. The only hardware item that we are not convinced about is the processor. As I said, there are three possible candidates depending on the rumors or the source of the benchmark.

Apart from the Galaxy S4, the image features a few other Samsung devices, each of them being available at retailers: the Galaxy S3 Mini, the Galxay S3 LTE, the Ativ S and the Galaxy Note 2.

as been taken from a document reportedly belonging to a financial group called Mirae Asset Securities. The document includes other analysis about the rivals of Samsung and offers a forecast for 2013.

So, the most important news is about the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is supposed to get produced as of March 2013. The company is gathering the hardware for the device as we speak. So, the possibility of an announcement followed by a quick release at the end of next month seems to make sense (we assume that this image is not actually fake). However, the analysts have not always been accurate with their predictions, so the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be delayed, maybe for April. As a matter of fact, some reports did specified that the smartphone will be unveiled in mid-March and it would be available for purchase at the beginning of April, on some markets at least.

The latest rumors say that the Galaxy S4 will arrive even sooner, which is good thing because I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those bad boys.

Samsung might be rushing things up because HTC and Sony are preparing to launch their own high-end devices. Maybe the South Korean Company is scared of the competition after all. Anyway, the rivals should worry a little bit, because if the Samsung Galaxy S4 gets released earlier, they could be in a lot of trouble in terms of sales.


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