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Samsung Galaxy S4 release date won’t be this month at MWC

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably the most awaited smartphone of the year and people were expecting it to be released at MWC ( Mobile World Congress ) Barcelona, this month. But it’s quite unlikely, considering that Samsung held their own event for the Galaxy S3 release last year. They are probably going to do the same this year and skip MWC.

Samsung will probably be at MWC, but they will release less important gadgets, so they can have an event focused only on their flagship device. And that’s probably the right thing to do. This way the Galaxy S4 won’t be eclipsed by the other phone makers present at MWC.

The Galaxy S3 has been released in May 2012 and we expect Samsung to set a similar release date for the Galaxy S4. Rumors are flowing about it, but we really don’t know what to believe. We can clearly bet that it will be an awesome device, but it won’t come with revolutionary features, most likely.

Hopefully it will come with built-in wireless charging, though we aren’t very sure about that, because it’s still quite an expensive technology. It will probably lack Samsung’s new Octa chip, being rumored that Galaxy Note 3 will be the first device to have it.

In terms of popularity, there are two devices fighting for the first place, the Galaxy S series and Apple’s iPhone. Other phone makers seem to have been left behind and they struggle to increase their sales, though to no good result.

Samsung has been going on an increasing trend lately and their sales skyrocketed, once with their Galaxy S and Note series. But we really hope to see some good competition from the other makers, like HTC, Motorola, Nokia and Sony.

Hopefully Samsung will decide to set a nearer release date for their Galaxy S4, considering that everyone is eager to get their hands on it, even if we didn’t yet see some leaked photos of it.