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Samsung Galaxy S4 Reportedly Coming With Touchless Gestures

The Galaxy S4 is the new flagship smartphone that will be soon launched by Samsung. The device is highly expected and every rumor seems to interest the general public.

There is a new one that comes straight from South Korea this time. According to Korean publication DDaily, which cites a source inside the industry, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature floating gesture controls. The phone maker will utilize the maXTouch S controllers developed by Atmel, technology that will let the user navigate the handset’s interface without having to touch the screen.

A similar technology has been used on the Galaxy Note 2 as well. The Galaxy Note 2 owners can turn on its display simply by moving their hand over the phone’s proximity sensor. This action shows some useful information like messages, time, and battery level. But, this is just an example to give you a good idea because the technology on the touch screen of the Galaxy S4 will work a little different. Actually, according to the Korean publication’s report, it looks like it will work just like a mouse which will allow you to hover over all the elements on a page in search for data. Plus, you can also click on various elements or when you want to access another page. Anyway, this is how the technology will work if it’s anything like the one implemented on the Sony Xperia Sola.

I must admit that if the rumors are true, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will open a lot of doors and would be a first for the handset. I really hope that Samsung will confirm the information as it would be very cool to have a smartphone with Samsung’s well-known performances and with floating gestures technology. Until then, you should this as a rumor, as it should be.