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Samsung Galaxy S4 Benchmark and Photo Samples Hit The Web

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a much debated subject as many people are interested to find out details about the device like its release date, technical specifications, etc, even if the company doesn’t make the information public. It seems that the rumors won’t quit coming, and as always we are here to deliver them to you.

There are two more leaks involving the Galaxy S4. The first one is a benchmark coming from AnTuTu which features the version of the device that has LTE support, plus a couple of images that were probably took with the smartphone based on their EXIF data.

This is not the first time the Galaxy S4 has beet tested by the guys from AnTuTu. The first benchmark appeared back in January and according to it, the handset was supposed to include a 1.8 GHz processor. This new benchmark says that, the S4 will sport a 1.9 CPU, instead. I know the difference is not that big, but it seems that being clocked at a higher speed, the processor does bring a little more power as the new AnTuTu scores go over the 24,000 mark compared to the scores of the old benchmark which were around 20,ooo points. Plus, the score of the new Galaxy S4 a higher than the ones of most rivals.

If we compare the scores of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the only devices that can go over 20,000 are the HCT J Butterfly and the Asus Padfone 2 tablet, according to antutu.com. Samsung has another handset that goes near 20,000, the Galaxy Note 2 which scored 17,500.

As always the leak can’t really tell us the exact processor sported by the phone, an item which has been the subject of many debates. Yeah, we know that the CPU will be clocked at 1.9 GHz, but what we are interested to know is if it will be the company’s own Exynos chip or one developed by Qualcomm (previous reports said that it will be a Sanpdragon S4 Pro, new one claim that it will be the new Snapdragon 600). If I had to take a wild guess, my money is on the Snapdragon 600.

As you can see in the imaged benchmark, the Samsung Galaxy S4 carries the model number GT-I95o5 which makes the information about it being the LTE version quite legit. You can also see that device will come running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which was actually expected.

Moving on to tho photos, there is not much to say here. The only thing that needs to be mentioned is that, according to the EXIF data, the photos were definitely taken with the Samsung GT-I9505. Nevertheless, faking an image of this kind is child’s play if you know a little about editing.

The handset’s firmware is displayed as I9505XXEAMB8. As for the image’s resolution, we-re talking about 2,322 x 4,128 is both cases. There’s are a few technical details listed here, but sadly any of them help us figure out what kind of shooter the Galaxy S4 is sporting. However, if we were to believe the previous rumors, the next Samsung flagship smartphone will come with a 13 megapixel rear camera.

As a conclusion, the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S4 come in a sort of series, and this one was just an episode. I’m sure there will be a while until the season finale and we’ll be here to tell you how it ends.


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