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Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Not Come with Exynos CPU, Nor Super AMOLED Display, Release Date Yet Unconfirmed

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is getting closer, more leaked details about the next-gen flagship smartphone of the South Korea-based company are starting to hit the web.

After Eldar Murtazin, the faimous Russian blogger, said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date was set for March 14th during an event held in New York, the guys at Sammmobile come with fresh details about the technical specifications of the Android-powered smartphone. It was just yesterday when we’ve told you that Galaxy S4 might not come with the Exynos 5 Octa SoC, as Samsung’s proprietary chipset has overheating issues, and today one of the biggest source for Samsung leaks are confirming the info.

According to a Samsung “insider” quoted by the aforementioned tech publication the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be based on a Snapdragon 600 processor, similar to the one fitted inside the recently announced HTC One. The same report claims that the processor underpinning the Samsung flagship says that the Snapdragon 600 processor is overclocked at 1.9 GHz, compared to HTC One’s 1.7 GHz clock rate. The source also informs that Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with 2 GB of RAM and that it will be available in three variants with 16, 32, or 64 GB of internal storage.

The latest smartphone launches have indicated that the 1080p 5-inch displays are becoming the 2013 standard for the high-end Android segment. Samsung Galaxy S4 will reportedly boast a 4.99-inch screen with full HD resolution, but what’s even more interesting is that the South Korea-based company will ditch the Super AMOLED panels.

Sammobile’s trusted source says that the flagship smartphone will come with a SoLux Display, but didn’t reveal more details about it. Is it based on LCD3 technology like HTC One’s display? We don’t know yet, but if it is to believe Murtazin’s report, we will find out in less than a month.

The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 also leaked alongside with other details and it seems that the terminal will be 140.1 mm tall, 71.8 mm wide and 7.7 mm thin, thinner than it’s biggest rival, Apple’s iPhone 5. As it was previously reported the Galaxy S4 will keep the same two-capacitive-one-physical button combo below the 4.99-inch display.

A low-quality photo of the Galaxy S4 also leaked revealing a smartphone that is not following the design language introduced last year by the SGS3, but a square-ish device reminiscent of the Galaxy S2. We’d recommend you to take the rumor with a grain of salt, as the South Korea-based company is usually using some rubber cases on their prototypes, in order to make sure that the real design of their smartphone isn’t revealed ahead of the official announcement.

The Samsung insider quoted by Sammobile claims that the Galaxy S4’s back is made of plastic, but the smartphone’s sides are made of aluminium.

We know almost everything about the Galaxy S4 so far, and it was yesterday when some photo samples posted on Google Plus confirmed that the SGS4 will come with a 13 megapixel camera. We’ve exclusively told you about the Photo Sphere-like Samsung Orb camera feature of the Galaxy S4 a couple of days ago, and hopefully the company’s software engineers will get ready just in time to fit it inside the next-gen flagship, so the camera aspects of the new-comer will sure be impressive.

Are you excited by the Snapdragon 600 – SoLux display team, or would you rather the Galaxy S4 coming with an Exynos chipset and Super AMOLED display? Please let us know in the comments section below.

  • aton6358@gmail.com

    And yes it will really suck if the galaxy s4 didn’t come with the exynos Octa.. Ibelieve that what this article is referring to the Korean model only. I wouldn’t consider this info to be regarding all galaxy s4 models..

  • yo mama

    I would have actually loved to see the exynos 5 in the s4, but oh well

  • SGS2

    I would like to replace my SGS2 with SGS4 only if it will come with Exynos quadcore processor, Super AMOLED screen and atleast 3 GB RAM. Otherwise it looks like same as that of SGS3. Lets wait for its release.

    • Adam Brandt

      3GB, WTH are you doing with it?

      • Everett

        I do crazzy(awesome) stuff with my phone to the point where it slows down with frequently clearing the ram. I’m at 1.06gb used out of 1.56gb and its laggy as hell, after i cleared it 15minutes ago. Need More RAM

  • Yoyo

    What a big disappointment of if no Exynos 5 octa, no super AMOLED screen FHD… and if it show up again with a physical home button… They said something new, and they aim to sale 100M right?

  • silverangel304

    If the GS4 doesn’t come with at least the Exynos 5 (Would prefer Exynos 5 Octa though!) I will not upgrade my GS3 at all. I will switch to the Galaxy Note series. My wife has the Note 2 and that quad core processor is amazing!

    • Adam Brandt

      TOTALLY agree. I don’t want a SnapDragon ‘it’s kind of like an a15’, I want a REAL a15 with a sweet Mali T6XX GPU

      • silverangel304

        Haha.. That was funny! But I do agree, I want the REAL A15 too. Let’s just wait and see what they have for us on March 15th!

  • Rowlin

    So glad they ditched the Super Amoled screen, which was not too bright, I would think the new screen will be far superior. Hopefully it will have front mounted speakers, not one on the back pointing the wrong direction. The size looks perfect though, excited to see this phone.

  • Aaron

    My Samsung Galaxy SII screen got smashed (does like being dropped and was going to cost $299 to get a replaced sceeen) and I needed a new phone. After reading at leaked information about the S4 I didn’t like this new S4 as t was almost the same as the S3. I ended up getting a Sony Xperia Z which I believe will be way better.

    • Ashton wilson

      you do know that these are only rumors right? this stuff is almost never right..

  • Sammert

    If SGS4 does not come with Exynos Octacore chipset, I’m not going to upgrade my SGS2.

    And for the next generation SGS, please get rid of this physical home bottom and make the screen to edge to edge like your TVs.

    • bradderz

      I agree.
      NOT upgrading my s2 unless s4 has 8 cores, different form factor to the s3, the best available screen. Bendy screen would be a plus. integrated biometric security would also be a plus.
      If not, i’m just going to load my old faithful s2 with Ubuntu and play around with it until something with 8 cores turns up.
      Heaven forbid, it might not even be a Samsung !!!!

      • Naphta

        Why do you need an octa core?

        Quad core with a higher frequency will give better yields realistically unless all the apps and the OS can utilize 8 cores to a good standard. The desktop PC world is still sitting on quad cores for everything, of course hex and octa cpus exist but they are no where near mainstream nor are they used for anything but extremely intensive rendering or server based applications (for flexibility of running different processes on different cores.

        I personally find the physical home button to be a relief compared to alternatives with it built into the screen/OS. Sure it works but I find the most ergonomically pleasing to be the physical button as its more tactile and allows me to get my phone into the correct position almost instantly.

        The screen rumored here I’m not going to pass comment on, just because it isn’t what we know doesn’t mean it isn’t a good panel.

  • Stony

    Something new can’t wait! !!!

  • Fyan96

    More faster processor, requires more battery capacity. But, from my experience with the quad-core, it’s fast enough to load apps, why would you need an 8-core to even fasten things up? Well as for the SoLux display, as long as it can ‘beat’ other FHD rival devices, and a faster CPU than HTC clocked at 1.9 GHz, Snapdragon 600? Is more than enough 🙂

  • Liber8Me

    As long as it has a replaceable battery & microSD card slot, I can live with the rest.

    • banana

      what do you need that for?

      • Liber8Me

        I travel. I use my smartphone for things like navigation as I walk around, the camera and video, travel guide apps, etc. etc. I watch movies and listen to music on it while flying and on trains, and have had to change to a fresh battery on several occasions. With all the photos and video I take while I’m out and around, I often need the extra storage as much of my built in memory is taken up by music, map data, etc.

  • Jamie

    thatz nice.. it will be great to see a whole new device by samsung using snapdragon 600 and ofcourse the SoLux LCD display which will be surely brighter than amoled screens, easy to use in a bright day..

  • Jamie

    and the people prefering exynos 5 “OCTA” processor than snapdragon 600, dont think about 8-cores!! think about the speed! no matters how many cores are there..

    • Yoyo

      I understand and I agree that a snapdragon 600 would be good enough regarding the speed. But the new Exynos OCTA (2*4) is supposed to improve significantly the battery life. This is a lot too for me =)

  • Al

    It is just okay to use snapdragon 600 chip since it is LTE enabled. Exynos 5 octa can use only a set of four cores at a time. It can’t use the eight cores simultaneously as it will drain the battery very fast and it is not LTE enabled. It also has overheating problems. Credits to samsung that they have the guts to change it.

    • Adam Brandt

      I wish they would have used an Exynos 5 Quad core so we at least got a genuine a15, not ‘kind of like a15’, as well as a Mali T6xx instead of the Adreno 320. Even clocked higher, the Mali T604 (the weakest of the 6 series), is significantly faster than the Adreno 320

  • xyz

    What do I like about the galaxy s range?

    The fact that Samsung chooses a lightweight, reliable plastic body that’s economical yet sturdy. It allows them to spend on what really counts , a punchy CPU/GPU and a brilliant screen.

    This formula has worked for the original S, the S2 and the S3.

    Why would Samsung throw away this advantage by going back to an ugly LCD? And what is there to gain from Qualcomm chip sets? They have always been weaker than the exynos range.

    If this news is true, I’d wait till the next nexus, or I might buy an xperia z just for the cm support.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I will gladly wait for the Galaxy Note 3. My current Galaxy Note 2 is the BEST ultimate all purpose productivity device ever made since the inception of android. I am doing just fine right now with my Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3.

    • squiddy20

      … Except that laptops, though slightly less portable, are FAR more of an “ultimate all purpose productivity device” than an Android tablet, let alone a “phablet”. Want to have 30 browser tabs open? You can do that without one page reloading. Want to utilize Flash content? You can do that with no fuss. No need to jump through hoops just to download the app on an unsupported mobile OS or use a specific browser. Want to work on a Word doc while reading an article and listening to music from the Internet? Been able to do that for at least the past decade. Heck, hook it up to a mobile hotspot or mobile data card and you’ve got the same capabilities as a smartphone with a MUCH better/bigger screen and more processing power.
      You have no clue.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Gotta laugh at you real hard still walking around with some silly laptop those days have past you by. Nobody walks around with a heavy laptop any longer my Galaxy Note 2 does everything you stated and the some. The software and features on my Galaxy Note 2 is industry leading with true multitasking at it’s highest level. What i have is top of the market and always will be every year cause that’s just me i will never change. Retire your Galaxy Nexus on Sprint and please throw away that 5 plus year old laptop even that item is old and helpless a perfect reflection of the fact that you just can’t buy new rather it be a laptop or smartphone.

        • squiddy20

          Gotta laugh real hard that you actually think smartphone are more powerful than laptops. Did I say anywhere that I “walk around with a heavy laptop” all the time? No. You’re the idiot who implied that when there was no mention of it. Besides, go to any college campus and compare the amount of people using their smartphone/”phablet” as a laptop replacement, to the people actually using laptops. I can guarantee you, the people using the replacement are scarce. Also, the heaviest modern laptops are ~7 lbs, and that’s with a 17″ screen. Throw it in an oversized backpack strapped close to your back and you can take it anywhere with little discomfort. Heck, most textbooks for grade school children weigh about that much.
          You say your Note 2 can “do everything [I] stated and the some”, but since Android is a *mobile* OS, I know for a fact it can’t open 30 browser tabs without reloading at least half of them. It’s a limitation of the OS because it’s not *designed* to be used like a desktop OS which has much more resources and power.
          “and please throw away that 5 plus year old laptop” Considering you’ve been saying I had this supposed 5 year old laptop for over 2 years now, you have no concept of what I have/don’t have (despite my saying that I have a mid-2009 MacBook Pro), and certainly no concept of the passage of time. Get a calendar.
          Also, if I ‘just can’t buy new”, then how did I get the Sprint Galaxy Nexus about 10 months ago when it was first made available? Riddle me that one, Dick.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Your moms family plan of course. Mr. Samsung Moment for over 2 years before your useless Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. Real people don’t have time for useless laptops they have netbooks and smartphones and tablets clearly it’s all about finances. In 2013 people don’t carry laptops schools have Ipads for student usage in today’s world. Another thing in today’s world 2013 grown men don’t hide behind fictional or fictitious names like squiddy20 what grown man calls himself squiddy???. In today’s society people have Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter pages because they don’t have to hide they are real front and center people. You spend to much time hiding and trolling the Internet using a fictitious name. Time to grow up be a man and stand for reality in today’s world. You are and always have been an internet joke for years man up.

          • squiddy20

            “Real people don’t have time for useless laptops they have netbooks and smartphones and tablets clearly it’s all about finances.” Netbooks are just shrunk down laptops you idiot. Go to any Starbucks, Panera, heck even some upscale McDonalds, and I can (again) guarantee you that there will be quite a few people on their laptops, not tablets.

            “In 2013 people don’t carry laptops schools have Ipads for student usage in today’s world.” IF the school deems it necessary to buy those iPads. Most schools don’t. So people bring their own laptops. I have at least 100 friends at colleges all over the east coast right now who use laptops, not iPads, every day.

            “behind fictional or fictitious names” Those 2 words mean the same thing. An 8 year old child would figure that out. Why can’t you? -_-

            “Time to grow up be a man and stand for reality in today’s world.” This great advice brought to you by the guy who tells people their opinions are “useless”, and calls people names when he’s proved wrong like a 7 year old throwing a temper tantrum. What a hypocrite.

        • Tom Makedon

          I can’t build a website or edit a motion picture on a note 2 . But I actually can on a slim and lite laptop.

  • Bill

    These are all rumors.

    • jay

      Agree and we see something else

  • Adam Brandt

    I know everyone likes thin thin thin, but I would rather have a GENUINE a15 quad SOC (if not the Octa) instead of the SnapDragon 600. Give it a nice 3000mah + battery and make the case 9mm. I personally, in ANY phone, would rather have it a couple mm thicker and a larger battery, instead of the manufacturers always trying to 1 up each other on thinness when that space could be used to add more battery life. I always use a case on my phone which bulks it up anyway, and honestly, who is gonna notice the extra 2mm once you’re done going OOH and AHH for the first 5 minutes you open the box and see how thin it is

  • Ashton wilson


    • g8rh8r12

      Just because the rumors don’t list a time machine function, doesn’t mean it won’t be there. Rumors are hardly ever right

    • Tom Makedon

      You people don’t know what your talking about the software and Apps don’t even utilize four cores let alone 8 so you would never see the difference that is as fact. I guess your 8 cores will load twitter faster. Lol

  • JohnTechMan

    OMG! Why are so many people surprised about the Exynos Octa? At the CES keynote, the Vice President of Samsung Electronics said the processor would be available in Q2. The S4 is coming in Q1. It’ll either have the Snapdragon 600 or it may have the Exynos 5440 quad, which was the processor originally pegged for the S4. Either way, huge improvement over the SIII.

  • Go-with-Samsung

    How can the “leader” of smartphone predict future with an also-run CPU? It is really sad that Samsung cannot fit its Exynos into its next flagship. Somebody in Samsung (team leader of the Exynos chipset) should be fired should there really be a heating or power consumption issue.

  • Ratu

    Okay if Exynos 5 overheats then why not 1 up the HTC One with a Snapdragon 800?