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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs & Features Leak Again, Release Date Still Uncertain

Samsung’s next smartphone is the Galaxy Note 4, which we believe it will be released in October and it will most likely be one of the most powerful devices in 2014. Today we have one more leak that talks about its specs and features, while the release date is still uncertain.

Surprisingly, it seems like Samsung might not use the fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor on the Galaxy S4, like we’ve seen on the Galaxy S5. The company might stick with the signature-unlock that’s also available on the Galaxy Note 3.

One more thing we don’t know yet is the screen size, but we don’t think the Note 4 will be much bigger than its previous version. Rumors say it will sport a 2K 1440×2560 pixels display though, which could be actually true.

According to IndiaTimes, the Galaxy Note 4 will sport a 20.7 MP camera with optical image stabilization and all the other features Galaxy S5 already comes with, like Phase detection AF.

Rumors say the Note 4 will come with a 64-bit processor, but we don’t really believe it and we think we’ll see a 64-bit Android smartphone in 2015. 4GB of RAM could be possible though, but we don’t know if Samsung would do it, because there’s no need for it just yet and they’ve only packed 2GB in the Galaxy S5.

We expect the Galaxy Note 4 to come with Android 4.5, which should be released in June at Google I/O. It’s battery capacity should be boosted to 3600 or 3800 mAh and it will most likely have a 128GB variant.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s release date might be in October, while it might be announced in September, at IFA Berlin.

We will let you know once we find out more information about Samsung’s phablet, as it’s probably one of the most awaited smartphones in 2014.

Are you planning to buy the new Note 4?

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