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Samsung Galaxy S4 Receives Teardown Treatment, One of The Easiest to Fix

There is still a while until the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for purchase for the regular people, but some lucky individuals have already got their hands on the device. Those of you who have been expected a Galaxy S4 teardown before actually buying it, the procedure has been done.

Usually, the smartphone teardowns are done firstly by iFixit, but this time the Galaxy S4 teardown has been performed by an anonymous person who sent the images to online publication TechnoBuffalo. This p-articular version of the Galaxy S4 is the one powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, but this doesn’t really matter because there is no big difference between models.


Even though the Galaxy S4 doesn’t look that resistant from the outside because of its plastic casing, on the inside it features some pretty robust components and you have to be a little intrusive to be able to separate the front and back even with all the screws removed.

The good thing is that the handset seems to be quite easy to fix because it’s not hard to replace one or more of its components such as the SIM slot, microSD card slot, camera module, microUSB charging port, etc. Nevertheless, if there is a thing that is not that easy to remove is the phone’s display. It looks like compared to the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy, its a little more tricky to remove the display of the Galaxy S4 because of the new Gorilla Glass 3.


Still, we we compare with the HTC One, the Galaxy S4 is much easier to repair. Actually, according to the report Samsung’s latest high-end device is one of the most easiest to work with when something goes wrong.

Of course, this kind of procedure should be done only by specialized individuals, and you should not try it at home because if something happens there is a good chance that your warranty will beĀ annulled.

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