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Samsung Galaxy S4 to come with flexible 1080p display, release date to be Q1-Q2 2013

2013 is close and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S4 started showing up. We’ve already told you a lot about Samsung’s new flagship device, though now there are even more rumors about it.

According to some sources, the Galaxy S4 will feature an 1080p display, which has been spotted already in the HTC J Butterfly, which is a 5-inch phablet wtih a whopping 440 ppi. Most likely Samsung is going to increase the display size even more for their flagship device, while trying to keep the same size or even lower it a bit.

So while the 1080p display is quite possible, there’s something more and much different. We’ve heard it already about the Galaxy Note 2 and the rumor is now about the new Galaxy S4’s display. We’re talking about NBP ( non-breakable plan ), which should be flexible. Samsung already announced that NBP will go into production in 2013, though we’re not very sure yet about its usability and where is it going to be used.

Personally I doubt it that we’ll get a flexible display with the Galaxy S4, though everything is possible, considering Samsung’s latest desires to revolutionize the market. It’s clear that we’ll see a Galaxy S4 sometime next year and it’s release date might be set for Q1 or Q2.

About specs we’ve talked already in our previous posts. It will most likely come with a 2Ghz quad-core Cortex A15, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, a 13MP camera. It will probably get a different design in order for Samsung to change things even more. Bezel will definitely be lower to free more space for the huge display. We’re still wondering if they’re going to keep the physical button or¬†abide¬†Android’s rules and switch to softkeys.

We should find out more soon, as rumors seems to be popping daily, though we can’t be sure about anything yet, unfortunately.

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  • LorDarkGoose

    Hopefully the finish will be closer to the Ativ s than the current plasticky looking S3’s.

  • I hope it looks more metallic not plastic hardware. And software genius!

    • f-apple

      Not look, but actually BE metallic! Everyone loves apple for its aluminum. Why the Koreans don’t get it, baffles me.

  • Nexus hater

    I hope it keeps its physical button, if not I won’t buy it.

    • BDG

      i totally agree!!!

      • f-apple

        I agree as well!

    • roosterD

      ZOMG, no physical buttons?! The phone must be crap!

    • Sam dose’t have to follow EVERY apple, but have DEEPER sides, like on the mock ups of the S4, you will need it if its going to have ” THE SCROLL”.

  • Bendme

    I really hope there’s a Youm screen on it, they look sick!

  • jack

    If they put a physical button i won’t buy it

  • Givenchyguru

    Was gonna buy the s3 on a three year term this weekend.. Should I wait for this instead??is it a sure thing?

  • TONY

    is so small compared to others samsung galaxy s

  • Zoran

    If that’s a S4 in that image over there I might just go and kill myself. Seriously? Who designed that crap?

  • Jonathan

    If Samsung Galaxy S4 will looks like in the image, i will buy it.

  • fgzdghzgnzgh

    I hope it comes out in late 2013 or early 2014 becuase i just bought a s3!!!!

  • Dave

    Samsung please please please dont make the S4 bigger than the S3, make it SMALLER.